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Accessibility at Tampere University Library

The library staff is happy to help you in all matters related to the use of the library. Guide dogs are welcome to the library premises. If you notice any obstacles in our services or premises, please contact us by e-mail

The library serves in two offices, in Linna building on the Main campus and in Arvo building on Kauppi campus.

Linna Library

Entering Linna Library

Linna library is located on the University's Main campus in Linna building, street address Kalevantie 5. The entrance to the library is on the 1st floor of the building and the library premises are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor.

You can access the library from Kalevantie street side: there is a ramp leading to the main entrance of the Linna building. From the Pinninkatu street side, you can enter the -1st floor of Linna building, and you can then take the lift in the lobby one level up to access the library. Both entrances to Linna building have one door with a push-button. The main entrance of the library opens automatically. The side entrance of the library is located in the staircase between the restaurant and the library, and it opens with a push-button next to the stairs.

Moving around and Using Linna Library

In the library, you can use the library lift that has buttons labelled with braille. The Customer Service is on the 1st floor, on the right after the entrance. At the service desk, there are adjustable tables, chairs and an induction loop. The self-service borrowing machines on the 1st and 2nd floor are adjustable. On the 1st floor, there are computers on lower-level tables for browsing the library catalog and information resources.

Toilet Facilities in Linna Library

Accessible toilets are available on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the library.

Linna library's floor map (printable pdf)
Main campus map (printable pdf)

Arvo library

Entering Arvo Library

Arvo library is located on Kauppi campus in Arvo1 building, street address Arvo Ylpön katu 34. The entrance to the library is on the 0 floor of the building and library premises are located on the 0 and 1st floor.

The front door on Teiskontie street side is on the 0 floor and the main entrance of Arvo1 building on the 1st floor where you can take the lift in the lobby to the 0 floor. The front doors open automatically. The library doors open with a push-button from outside, and from inside they open automatically.

The house managers can be found in Arvo2 building.

Moving around and Using Arvo Library

In Arvo library, you can ask the staff to help you to take the lift to the Learning Center on the 1st floor. In the lobby near the library, there is also a lift that takes you to the Learning Center, and the corridor leads you to the library classroom and the group work rooms. The Customer Service is on the 0 floor of the library, opposite the entrance. At the service desk, there are adjustable tables and chairs and on the same floor the self-service borrowing and returning machine on a low level. On the same floor, there are also four computers for the customers on low tables.

Toilet Facilities in Arvo Library

An accessible toilet is available on the 0 floor in the corridor next to the Library.

Arvo library's floor map (printable pdf)
Kauppi campus map (printable pdf)

Textbooks for Students with Reading Disabilities

Student who have a special arrangement agreement of the University of Tampere may borrow textbooks for a loan period of three weeks. See university of Tampere accessibility page for further information about how to apply for special arrangements.

Services of Celia Library

The books of Celia library are available for customers who have difficulties with reading an ordinary book due to a disability or other similar reason. The Celia library produces and provides literature in accessible formats. In order to use the service, you need to register as Celia’s customer by contacting Tampere University Library.

More information about accessibility at the University of Tampere

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