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Devices, Software and Networks in the Library

IT support

  • IT support in the Library (devices and software):
    • tel. 040 190 4243
    • e-mail
    • In the Library you can also contact the Customer Service, where the staff can send for a support person.


In the Library there are computers that can be used only with your UTA basic user account. Guest computers for non-university customers are located in Linna library on the 1st floor and in Arvo library on the 0 floor. The computers read DVD discs but you cannot save on a CD/DVD disc. Cyrillic keyboard is available. In group work rooms there are computers that you log in with your basic user account.

  • Windows 7
  • MS Office 2013
  • LibreOffice 3.6
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Reader 11
  • PDF-XChange 4
  • Transfer software of SSH files

  • Atlas.ti statistical software
  • SPSS 20 statistical software
  • RefWorks Write-N-Cite
  • Freemind concept map software
  • CmapTools
  • DesktopZoom
  • VLC media player
  • IrfanView photo editing software
  • Gimp photo editing software

Additional software (some computers)

  • EditiX 2008 -xml-editor Learning Center's computers
  • R statistical software

Other devices

Scanning and scanners

  • Linna library: 1st floor beside the printer, 3rd floor on Kalevantie street side beside the journal collection and its e-journal terminal.
  • Arvo library: One computer connected with a scanner on the 0 floor and another in the Learning Center on the 1st floor.
  • On the new multifunctional printers you can scan to your email or to a memory stick or memory card.
  • Scanning software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, Arcsoft Photostudio 5, PDF-XChange Pro

Printing and copying

Video projectors

  • Linna: group work rooms Rahikainen (3017), Lehto (3018), Koskela (3050) and Rokka (3053)
  • Arvo: group work room Hertta (B002)

Microfilm and microfiche reader and scanner

  • Linna: microfilm room 3008, 3rd floor
    • You can print from microfilms and microfiches and save their contents to a memory stick. Printouts go to the printer beside the journal collection. The room is reserved by writing your name on the list by the door.

Magnifying reading camera

  • Linna: 3rd floor, computer No. 37 (scanner computer)
    • The reading camera is connected to the computer and the lens is focused to the text. The text will be enlarged on the screen. You'll get the camera at the Customer Service desk.


  • Linna: Terminals for using Andor search services, Tamcat library collections, e-journals and databases acquired by the library. These terminals don't require the basic user account and they have a limited browser software with access only to the electronical resources the library has acquired. At these terminals it is not possible to save data. The terminal for e-journals is located on the 3rd floor, Kalevantie street side, beside the journal collection.
  • Arvo library: No separate search terminals but on the 0 floor there are four computers that don't require the University's basic user account. These computers are primarily meant for the use of non-university customers.

Wireless networks

In the Library you can use the same wireless networks as on the other public premises of the University. Primarily, use the protected Eduroam network so that you can access the Library's e-resources. Please note, with the visitor ID of Utapac network you cannot access these e-resources.

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