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Tampere University LibraryUniversity of Tampere Tampereen University Library

Service Fees

Prices valid from 1 January 2017

Circulation services

Fetching items from the collection
1 e/item Available items from the library collection fetched for the customer or ordering items to another library office
Universal borrowing from Repository Library, Kuopio
5 e/item Fee not applied to the staff of the University of Tampere
Overdue fees 0,8 e/book/day Textbooks up to 15 days
0,2 e/book/day Other books up to 15 days
2 e/item Journals (overnight/weekend)
8 e/item Reference collection (overnight/weekend)
15 e/book Short loans of textbooks
20 e/tablet Borrowable iPads. Replacement of lost or damaged tablet is 500 e, of power adapter and cable 50 e.
3 e/key Borrowable Thesis Lockers/keys. Replacement of a lost key 10 e.
Replacement of lost material mininum 42 e + nonrefundable processing fee 10 e (each item will be charged separately) Material is considered lost if not returned within 70 days after the due date. The processing fee is charged even if the material is returned. If the material is not returned and fees not paid outstanding debts will be collected by a debt collection agency.
New library card 3 e

Information services

UTA faculties and Tays hospital Other customers
User education for groups in English (booking in advance required) (Book a Librarian service only for the students and staff of the University and for the staff of University Hospital Tays)
71 e/hour 130 e/hour
UTA students and staff Other customers
Database searches 60 e/hour 100 e/hour Minimum charge of one hour. Fees include a reasonable amount of printouts.
Document delivery service
0,25 e/page 0,25 e/page Printouts of electronic material
0,50 e/page 0,50 e/page Copies from the Library's own collection
Invoice fee 15 e Invoice fee applies only to non-university customers

Interlibrary services according to the service fees list

Interlibrary loan and photocopy services

UTA students and staff Other customers
Books from Finland 9 e/item 18 e/item
from abroad 20 e/item 40 e/item
Microfilms from Finland 7 e/item 14 e/item
from abroad 20 e/item 40 e/item
Mikrofiches from Finland 3,5 e 7 e
from abroad 7 e 14 e
Third recall notice 5 e/item (1st and 2nd recall notice free of charge)
Processing fee for not returned or lost interlibrary loans 10 e/item + an invoice according to the price list of the delivering library
Photocopies from Finland 6 e 12 e
from abroad 8 e 16 e
Express delivery fee
from Finland 8,5 e/request + price of the copies
Photocopies of doctoral dissertations from abroad According to the price list of the delivering library
If the price of the order becomes higher than has been mentioned in the Library's service fees list due to the pricing of the sender library all expenses will be collected from the customer.
Uncollected material delivered by Interlibrary Services will incur charges mentioned in service fees list.

Interlibrary service fees for other libraries

Books to Finland
state, municipal and state-aided libraries 9 e/loan
other libraries 18 e/loan
abroad 25 e/loan
Microfiches to Finland
state, municipal and state-aided libraries 3,5 e/item*
other libraries 7 e/item
abroad 7 e/item**
Microfilms to Finland
state, municipal and state-aided libraries 1,5 e/reel*
other libraries 3 e/reel*
abroad 3 e/reel**
Photocopies/article to Finland
state, municipal and state-aided libraries 6 e/ article
other libraries 12 e/article
abroad 12 e/article
Express delivery/article price of the photocopies + fax charge 8,5 e
*Minimum charge invoiced is 5 euros to which lower prices are rounded up.
**For interlibrary loans that are sent abroad the minimum charge invoiced is 12 euros to which lower prices are rounded up.
A handling charge of 5 euros will be added to the invoice, if the billing address of the ordering library is outside of Finland.

We accept IFLA Vouchers.
We are a NORFRI library.

Copy cards

Ricoh copy cards:

  • 5 € (40 credits)
  • 10 € (100 credits)
  • You can use the copy card also at TAMK and TUT campuses

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