Jasmine George, M.D.

Childhood haematological malignancies in India

Väitösaika- ja paikka:18.3.1997 klo 12 Tampereen yliopiston terveystieteen laitoksen luentosali, Medisiinarinkatu 3.

Vastaväittäjä: Professori Risto Johansson (Kuopion yliopisto); Kustos: Professori Matti Hakama; Oppiaine: epidemiologia

In India the burden of haematological malignancies appeared to be relatively low compared to western countries until the mid-1980's. However, improved registration at some of the Indian population-based cancer registries among boys show that the age-standardized rates of leukaemia and Iymphoma among boys are similar to those seen in many western countries. Underregistration of childhood haematological malignancies especially among Indian girls is likely. Early diagnosis and treatment of these curable diseases is an emerging issue also in the Indian context.

A case-control study conducted at the Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India, suggested a positive association between vaccination against common infectious diseases by Bcg, Dpt and oral polio vaccines and childhood haematological malignancies. Furthermore, vaccination can be a surrogate of an yet undefined risk factor, and new studies for the disclosure of an underlying risk factor are warranted. The limited number of childhood cancer cases has and will continue to be a challenge to the design and conduct of such studies. This can be overcome by interregional collaborative research.

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