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Quality Management System

The aim of the quality system of the University of Tampere is to produce information and tools to be used in the management and steering of operations. This is in order to improve the preconditions of instruction and research and to develop the capacity of the personnel so as to reach the university's strategic goals.

Quality management means the maintenance and development of the quality of operations according to the quality cycle (PDCA).

Quality management system supports the achievement of the university's strategic goals. The university develops its operations continuously:

  • by producing information and tools so that the leadership can keep developing the university's operations
  • by giving the teaching and research staff such working conditions that they can concentrate on instruction and research
  • by supporting the employees' opportunities to participate and develop their capacities
  • by ensuring that students have the opportunity to earn a wide-ranging degree according to plan and on schedule
  • by educating experts to be active in the society and by producing research-based knowledge
  • by actively communicating about what happens at the university in the regular forums and the intranet.

The quality system supplements the steering of operations and supports the management at different levels. The division of responsibilities is based on the Regulations of the University of Tampere.

The quality system includes the tasks and responsibilities of the actors in quality management as well as the principles of operation in quality management.

The quality management system has been described in the Quality Manual of the University of Tampere. The schools and independent institutes have their own operations manuals which complement the Quality Manual. The Quality Management System site in the intranet contains current information and instructions.

The quality systems in Finnish universities are externally audited every six years. The University of Tampere was externally audited in 2014 and passed the audit (see certificate).

For more information please contact
Quality manager
Mr Jukka Mäkinen,

Kalevantie 4, 33014 Tampereen yliopisto
puh. (03) 355 111
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