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Information Society Institute

16 Dec 2005

Information Society Institute Ends its Term of Operations: Research Continues

The Information Society Institute was established in 2001 as a part of the five-year eTampere programme. Its operations were based on significant financial support by the City of Tampere. As its term of operations comes to an end, the activities will not be continued as such, but the universities and polytechnics in Tampere will in the future aim to develop as institutions of higher education fulfilling the requirements of the information age.

At the same time, securing the continuation and development of research activity in all central aspects of information society research will remain an important concern. The units of higher education in Tampere will continue to develop cross-disciplinary co-operation as well as mutually beneficial contacts to other innovative actors in the area. In addition to information society related themes, they will offer their expertise for the use of scientific, technical and societal development in general.

In the beginning of 2006, personnel of the Institute will have moved on to other tasks, but in matters concerning the information society, we recommend contacting the Research Services departments of the universities and polytechnics in question. In matters dealing with social scientific research on the information society, a useful reference is the Research Institute for Social Sciences at the University of Tampere.

The director and personnel of the Information Society Institute wish to express their heartfelt thanks for fruitful co-operation to everyone who has worked with the Institute in the years passed and to wish success to future research on information society related topics to be carried out in the different units of higher education in Tampere in the years to come.