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26 April 2005

New publication on proactive technologies in home environments

A group of Finnish reserchers has published a collection of articles entitled The Metamorphosis of Home (Tampere University Press) approaching the field of proactive technology from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. The book anticipates the uses of proactive technologies in a home environment and the challenges and requirements that sensitive home environments pose to the designing of technology. The articles analyse the field of future home technologies through the study of design, socio-cultural user research and the technical development of prototypes.

The volume, edited by Frans Mäyrä and Ilpo Koskinen, discusses the implementation and results of the Living in Metamorphosis (Morphone) project carried out in collaboration between the Department of Industiral Design, University of Art and Design in Helsinki, the Hypermedia Laboratory at the University of Tampere and the Institute of Electronics at the Tampere University of Technology.

For further information, please contact:

Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere, Dr. Frans Mäyrä, Research Director,
Department of Industrial Design, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Professor Ilpo Koskinen,
Institute of Electronics, Tampere University of Technology, Professor Jukka Vanhala,

Frans Mäyrä ja Ilpo Koskinen (eds.): The Metamorphosis of Home: Research
into the Future of Proactive Technologies in Home Environments
Studies in Information Sciences (SISCI).
Tampere: Tampere University Press (TUP).
ISBN: 951-44-6229-7

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