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Information Society Institute

Events 2005, organised by ISI

  • eTampere seminar about the Information Society of the Citizens on May 12th 15.00 pm. Program and speeches in Finnish and Spanish

  • Repots and comments on the World Summit on the Information Society held in Geneva between 10th and 12th Dec. The meeting (in English) is organised by the International School of Social Sciences and the Information Society Insititute on Mon 15th Dec 10.15 to 11.00 am at University Main Building, auditory A3. For more information on the Summit, visit the WSIS website.

    Contact person: Leena Wilkman, International School of Social Sciences, tel. 050 - 3302 685, e-mail:

  • Information Society Models and the New Everyday Life - Finnish-Japanese Information Society Forum
    in Tokyo, 6th to 7th Oct 2003. Click here for the IS Forum website.

  • Children and the Information Society Seminar in Tampere 11th to 12th Nov 2003
    Click here for the seminar program.