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The Board of the Information Society Institute will accept new projects based on proposals submitted by different university units. The Institute may participate in the financing of the projects within the resources allocated to it. The requirements are, however, that the units housing the projects provide a share of their funding and that the main funding comes from other sources.

The deadline for the first call for proposals intended to form the first generation of ISI projects was in October 2001. Based on the proposals received, the institute accepted a total of 35 projects as a part of its programme, and the decision was taken allocate EUR 546 000 to these projects between 2001 and 2003. In the future, the Institute will accept new proposals through a continuous application process, which means that new projects will be financed as resources become available. When submitting proposals, the applicants are asked to use the forms available in the Web.

In 2003 to 2005, the financing provided by the Institute will concentrate more strongly on spearhead projects. As to the flagship projects, the Institute is particularly interested in supporting projects aimed to develop socially and economically beneficial ICT applications and usages and to acquire new insight into problems related to the development in information technology. Application forms and instructions for completing them are available on the Institute's website.

List of projects so far accepted by the Information Society Institute