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   The aim of the SOWING project was answer the question: "What are the social but also the micro-economic implications of the emerging information society?" It focused on developments in the domain of companies assuming that the informatization of work is a key factor behind the emergence of information society. The project represents a break with traditional technological determinism as it is based on a "bottom-up" approach, analyzing the concrete processes of building up an information society by implementing modern information and communication technologies within companies and in inter-organizational networks.

   In the project a mix of different methods were applied, including case studies, secondary analysis of existing data sets, a company survey, and comparative analysis. The results of the research project provide an answer to the question whether a common European model of information society is emerging or whether different countries follow different paths into information society.

   The SOWING project involved eight partners and it was coordinated by professor Gerd Schienstock from Work Research Centre, University of Tampere, Finland, January 1998– June 2001.

   Some of the Sowing reports can be found on these pages.
  Literature Review (January 1999) [137 pp. 412 kB, pdf]
  Social Exclusion in the Learning Economy - Summary (April 1999) [2 pp. 7 kB, pdf]
  Social Exclusion in the Learning Economy (April 1999) [27 pp. 59 kB, pdf]
  Technical Systems, Organisation Forms and Social Implications. Second Interim Report. Statistical Analysis of the Firm Survey (December 2000) [144 pp. 484 kB, pdf]
  Executive Summary 2000 (February 2001) [3 pp. 10 kB, pdf]
  Final Report (June 2002) [147 pp. 1.0 gB, pdf]

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