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The Doctoral programmes of the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies will be transferring to new Faculty of Communication Sciences:

The study-related instructions and curricula of the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies will continue to be used in connection with these Doctoral programmes.

Doctoral Dissertation

Section 22 of the Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004) lists the formal requirements for the doctoral dissertation. All doctoral dissertations must meet these requirements.

To be awarded a doctorate, a doctoral student must write a dissertation and defend it in public.

The doctoral dissertation is a substantial scientific thesis based on independent research, and it must be defended in public. If the dissertation is a monograph, its manuscript must be previously unpublished.

A doctoral dissertation must produce new scientific knowledge and demonstrate critical thinking, a profound knowledge of the field and its methods, and the ability to apply these methods. It can be a manuscript of an unpublished dissertation (a monograph), an integrated entity made up of scientific publications or manuscripts approved for publication paired with a summary article (an article-based doctoral dissertation), or another type of work that fulfils the scientific criteria.

An article-based doctoral dissertation must form an integrated research entity, and the objectives, methods and results of the study must be presented in the summary article. The research entity must include at least four articles (depending on their scope). Before the manuscript is submitted for preliminary examination, each article must be approved for publication in a peer-reviewed publication.

An article-based dissertation is made up of three parts: introduction, articles and conclusions. Each article must contain new results or introduce new points of view.

Publications may also include co-authored publications if the doctoral candidate's independent contribution can be shown. The candidate must present a written clarification of his/her contribution to the collective research when the doctoral dissertation is handed in for the preliminary examination. All the requirements concerning the doctoral dissertation apply not only to a monograph but also to an article-based dissertation. An article-based doctoral dissertation may not include parts of the candidate's previous dissertation.

Dissertation Language

The dissertation can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English, or in another language in concordance with the study and instruction plan. The doctoral candidate must present the LTL Board with a proofreader's report on the language of the manuscript or, in the case of an article-based dissertation, the summary article before the dissertation is published. This report is not necessary if the dissertation is written in the doctoral candidate’s native language or, in the Doctoral Programme in Language Studies, in the language the doctoral candidate has studied (English, French, German or Russian). If the dissertation is written in Finnish, it must include a two- or three-page abstract in English; if the dissertation is written in another language, the abstract must be in Finnish. The defence proceedings are conducted in Finnish or the language of the dissertation, or in another language the doctoral student, custos and opponent have together agreed upon.

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