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Publishing the Dissertation

The dissertation can be published:

  1. in an electronic format
  2. in both an electronic format and in print (parallel publishing)
  3. in print

The instructions on publishing a dissertation and sending out a press release can be found at the Library's website.

If the dissertation is published in the Acta Universitatis Tamperensis series, the doctoral candidate must submit 10 copies of the dissertation in print to Administrative Secretary Elisa Laatikainen (B1052), the person responsible for doctoral affairs at LTL, at least 14 days before the public defence is to be held. LTL will deliver these copies to the opponent(s), the custos, the members of the evaluation board, the Dean, the Vice Dean, the Press and Information Office, and the LTL Office. The doctoral student must submit 10 paper copies of the dissertation, even if it has only been published electronically.

If the dissertation is article-based, 10 full paper copies must be submitted to LTL, including all publications and the summary article. The summary article must include a full list of the articles in the dissertation.

If the dissertation is not published in the Acta Universitatis Tamperensis series, the doctoral candidate must submit 20 print copies of the dissertation to LTL. Eighteen copies will be delivered to the above-mentioned parties and to the members of the LTL Board who have a PhD, and two will be submitted to the Library. LTL may cover the costs of the additional ten copies required of candidates who do not publish their dissertation in the University’s series.

The doctoral candidate must also submit 50 paper copies of the abstract to LTL at least 14 days prior to the defence proceedings. The abstract must present the research question, data, main methods and the most significant results of the study. Article-based dissertation abstracts must also include a full list of the articles. Copies of the abstract are handed out at the defence proceedings.

The manuscript must include a separate title sheet stating the time, date and place of its defence. The sheet must also state that the dissertation will be presented with the permission of the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies (LTL).

All doctoral candidates must also fill out a dissertation form online at the Library's website two weeks prior to the defence.

Before the public defence proceedings are held, the dissertation can be read at LTL and online at the University website. Details about the defence and availability of the dissertation are published on the LTL and University websites at least ten days prior to the defence.


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