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Licentiate Degree

Licentiate Thesis

An integral part of the licentiate degree is a licentiate thesis, through which the student must demonstrate that he/she is well-versed in his/her own research field and can apply research methods independently and critically.

The licentiate thesis can be a monograph or an article-based thesis with at least two peer-reviewed scientific publications or manuscripts approved for publication in a peer-reviewed publication paired with a summary article. The objectives, methods and results of the study must be presented in the summary. Publications may also include co-authored publications if the student's independent contribution can be shown.

The licentiate thesis can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English, or in another language in concordance with the study and instruction plan. The student must present the LTL Board with a proofreader's report on the language of the manuscript or, in the case of an article-based dissertation, the summary article. This report must be submitted along with the thesis. This report is not necessary if the thesis is written in the student’s native language or, in the Doctoral Programme in Language Studies, in the language the student has studied (English, French, German or Russian). If the licentiate thesis is written in Finnish, it must include a two- or three-page abstract in English; if the thesis is written in another language, the abstract must be in Finnish. The public examination is conducted in Finnish or the language of the dissertation, or in another language the student and his/her supervisor have together agreed upon.

A one-page summary must be attached to the thesis which presents the research subject, data, main methods and most significant results of the study and the suggested course of action. The summary can be written in Finnish or Swedish. If the author wishes not to have the summary published with the thesis, then this must be mentioned in the summary.

Each licentiate thesis is assigned at least two objective docent-level preliminary examiners who must submit a written stament including a grade-proposal for the thesis. The preliminary examiners are appointed by the Dean on the recommendation of the head professor of the relevant major, but before their appointment, the author of the dissertation is given an opportunity to comment on the possible unacceptability of the prospective examiners. A researcher working in the field of the dissertation at the University of Tampere, a person who has acted as a supervisor in connection with the dissertation in question, or a person who can in some other way be considered unacceptable due to the likelihood of bias may not serve as a preliminary examiner.

More detailed instructions on publishing a licentiate thesis are available online at the Library’s website.

Licentiate Thesis Examination

The licentiate thesis must be submitted in three binder copies to the person responsible for doctoral affairs at LTL. The student is responsible for making sure all the necessary studies are registered in the academic records. The student must also file a Turnitin originality report signed by his/her supervisor.

The Dean assigns each thesis at least two examiners, who submit a written report and propose a grade for the thesis.

Licentiate Seminar

After the Dean has assigned the examiners, the department will arrange a public licentiate seminar which is a part of the examination process. At least one of the examiners must be present at the seminar.

At the seminar, the author will have the chance to respond to the comments made on the thesis. Notes taken during the seminar will be delivered to the LTL Board members together with the examiners' reports. The examiners' reports must be submitted to the student at least four days before the Board meeting at which the thesis will be discussed. At this point, the student may wish to submit a response to the reports. The student can also ask that the matter be postponed to the next Board meeting for this reason.

Licentiate Thesis Evaluation

The LTL Board will evaluate and grade the licentiate thesis based on the examiners' reports. The relevant professor may also give the Board his/her grade recommendation. The supervisor of the licentiate thesis does not participate in the evaluation of the dissertation in the LTL Board meeting. Any request for reconsideration of the grade awarded for the licentiate thesis must be submitted to the Board not later than 14 days after the grade was announced.

Grading Scale

The grading scale for an accepted licentiate thesis is, from the lowest grade to the highest: approbatur, lubenter approbatur, non sine laude approbatur, cum laude approbatur, magna cum laude approbatur, eximia cum laude approbatur, and laudatur.

The same evaluation criteria apply to a licentiate thesis as to a doctoral dissertation.

Licentiate Degree Certificate

Once a student has completed all the required studies for a licentiate degree, he/she can apply for a degree certificate using a specific application form. The written application must include a list of all courses, seminars, etc. recorded in the personal study plan, and it must be submitted to the person in charge of doctoral affairs at LTL. The applicant must ensure that all his/her studies have been registered correctly before submitting the application. The application form is available online on the LTL website. The licentiate degree certificate states the title and grade of the thesis and the subject it belongs to.




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