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Ongoing Projects

Externally Funded

Other Projects

  • The Literary in Life: Exploring the Boundaries between Literature and the Everyday – LILI
  • Water as Social and Cultural Space: Changing Values and Representations – AQUA
  • Kielen murteet biologisen lajiutumisen näkökulmasta – BEDLAN
  • Multilingual Practices in the History of Written English
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning in German – The Scandinavian Dimension – CLILiG-SCAN
  • Computer Simulations for Language and Culture Education Across Curriculum - INTOCOM
  • Profiling Learning Progression in CLIL-Environments through Computer Simulations – ProfiCom
  • Profilierung sprachlich-kultureller Kompetenzen bei Lernenden und Lehrenden des Deutschen als Fremdsprache mittels Computersimulationen – ProfiDaf
  • Synkistyvät tulevaisuudenkuvat: dystooppinen fiktio nykykirjallisuudessa - Dystopic fiction in modern literature
  • The Acquisition of Pre- and Protomorphology (Klaus Laalo, Finnish)
  • Books in Transition: The Role of the Book in the Dissemination of New Ideas in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Päivi Pahta, English)
  • Change in Complementation: Principles Explaining Variation and Change Affecting Sentential Complements in Recent English (Juhani Rudanko, English)
  • Constructing Freedom: Discourses of Freedom of Speech in the Early Republic (Juhani Rudanko, English)
  • Constructing the Interface of Syntax and Semantics in Current English: Principles and Generalizations to Explain the System of English Predicate Complementation (Juhani Rudanko, English)
  • Coupled Oscillator Model (COM) of Speech Rhythm (Michael O'Dell, Tommi Nieminen (University of Eastern Finland), Mietta Lennes (University of Helsinki), Stefan Werner (University of Joensuu), Liisa Mustanoja (University of Tampere)
  • Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary in English, 1375–1550 (Juhani Norri, English)
  • Discourses of Power and Persuasion in Literary Texts (Juhani Rudanko, English)
  • Etudes sur les périphrases verbales du français (Jukka Havu, French)
  • Global and Local Languages in Contact: Towards a Theory of Code-switching in Writing (Päivi Pahta, English)
  • La acción verbal (Jukka Havu, French)
  • Le passé récent en français ; étude sur l’expression venir de + inf. (Jukka Havu, French)
  • Miten monikielisyys kohdataan koulumaailmassa (Sirkku Latomaa, Finnish Translation Studies)
  • Naturalistic Elements in Postmodern American Fiction (Markku Salmela, English)
  • Olfaction and smells in Shakespeare and Milton (David Robertson, English)
  • Paikallishistoriaa maahanmuuttajien näkökulmasta: Entisen Neuvostoliiton maista Pirkanmaalle muuttaneet inkerinsuomalaiset (Irina Savkina, Russian)
  • Popular Culture as Means of Collective Memory (Irina Savkina, Russian)
  • Scientific Thought-styles: The Evolution of English Medical Writing (Päivi Pahta, English)
  • Suspended Failures: The Intermedial Experience of Horror (Jarkko Toikkanen, English)
  • The Grotesque and the Unnatural (Markku Salmela ja Jarkko Toikkanen, English)
  • Tremulanttiääntämys Tampereen puhekielessä (Liisa Mustanoja ja Michael O'Dell)
  • Corpus-Based Study of State Treaties (COSST)
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