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Degree Programme in French Language

Degree Programme in French Language

The Degree Programme in French Language offers both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in French Language, as well as a Master's degree in Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies. The general language proficiency level for students accepted for the Bachelor's degree programme is ~B2 (CEFR).
The Bachelor's degree programme begins with basic studies, which focus on language skills. Basic studies are compulsory for all students and last for one academic year. In intermediate studies, students develop their language skills and acquire a more extensive knowledge of linguistics, French literature and French society and history. Students can choose from a selection of free choice courses according to their interests and professional goals. Free choice courses cover fields such as language research, language teaching, translation and knowledge of French society. Intermediate studies also include a two-month language residency in a French-speaking country.
The Master's degree programme further improves students' knowledge of language, society and culture. Free choice courses are offered in three specialized fields: language research, literature, and French society. Students may also choose from a variety of optional courses according to their personal objectives. For example, students contemplating careers in international organizations are encouraged to select extensive study modules in social sciences, administrative sciences and economics, whereas those seeking teacher qualifications participate in the degree programme for language teachers. All students intending to become teachers or translators are recommended to have another language as their second subject.
The degree programme is intended primarily for Finnish-speaking students. The Bachelor degree programme in particular includes courses that are taught only in Finnish (these include compulsory translation, language and communication studies as well as optional courses).

For more information on the Degree Programme in French Language, please visit our degree programme website in Finnish or our page on the University of Tampere Curricula Guide.

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