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The research activities of the University of Tampere School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies are organised under research center PLURAL, whose mission is to coordinate this research. PLURAL also organises multidisciplinary international conferences and seminars, and provides high-quality education for the School's doctoral students.

Three Research Programmes

One of the strengths of the University of Tampere is the research and education it provides in the social sciences. This is also reflected in the research conducted at the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies. There are three multidisciplinary programmes at the School:

Making Sense in Literature and Social Life

Language in Society

Spaces of Language and Literature

An interdisciplinary research programme that brings together researchers of literary studies, sociology, philosophy of mind, psychology, and education in studying the cognitive, cultural and societal meanings of narrative. This research programme studies language as a part of society. Central topics include sociolinguistic research into language variation and the structures of language. This research programme examines the themes of the spatial turn. Its research has a wide angle and examines a variety of topics.

Research Priorities by Discipline

A multidisciplinary approach is characteristic of the research conducted at the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies. Research is conducted within the following four disciplines.

Linguistic Research

Linguistic research examines the English, French, Swedish, German, and Russian languages. Research into Estonian, Spanish, and Samoyedic languages is also significant.

Literary Research

Researchers of literary studies participate actively in international discussions on narrative theory. The research conducted at the School offers methodological tools for many fields studying texts. Finnish literary history and Finnish literary institutions as a part of the international culture and tradition of literary research is a key research topic.

Cultural Studies
Cultural studies views phenomena in different language and cultural areas from historical and contemporary perspectives. One of its key strengths is research into literary and visual texts and phenomena and the interaction of sociocultural identities.

Translation Studies

The priorities in this field are literary translation, audiovisual translation, technical communication, scientific language, the translation of specialist texts, and interpreting in various settings. Translation and interpreting are also studied from the perspective of education and practicing the profession.

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