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Degree Programme in Finnish Language

Degree Programme in Finnish Language

Finnish Language Studies seek to familiarize students with the academic concepts of the tasks and the structure of language as well as the history of the Finnish language. Moreover, the purpose of the studies is to introduce students to academic research on the Finnish language and to train knowledgeable and professional users of Finnish. The degree programme is intended primarily for students with Finnish as their mother tongue. Students with Finnish as a foreign language can be accepted for the Master's Programme.
The Bachelor's Programme in Finnish Language provides a solid base for understanding linguistic phenomena: in the basic studies, the focus is on the structure and usage of language. In addition, students familiarize themselves with the development of the Finnish standard language and Estonian language and culture. Intermediate studies give a more in-depth view of the Finnish language by exploring the semantics, variation and the history of the language. The course in research methods and the B.A. thesis seminar introduce students to methods of language research.
The Master's programme focuses on teaching academic research to students. Students can specialize as teachers or language professionals. Students who wish to become teachers are also required to take courses in literature and complete a pedagogical study programme. Students must apply for the pedagogical study programme through a separate application process. Students who wish to become language professionals can take courses in language consulting, which aim at providing a wide range of skills in language usage.
In addition to working in the teaching sector, graduates are employed as Finnish-language experts in various fields as well as in research. These students choose optional courses according to their personal interests and professional orientation. Among suitable choices are, for example, Estonian and other languages, linguistics, phonetics, literature, journalism and mass communication, philosophy, information studies, education, psychology, sociology and language technology.

For more information on the Degree Programme in Finnish Language, please visit our degree programme website in Finnish or our page on the University of Tampere Curricula Guide.

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