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Multilingual Practices in the History of Written English

22-26 August 2016 ESSE13 (Galway, Ireland): Pahta "Multilingual Practices in Written Discourse: A Diachronic View of Global and Local Languages in Contact" (sub-plenary lecture).

15-18 June 2016 Sociolinguistics Symposium 21 (Murcia, Spain): Laura Wright "Sunnyside" (plenary).

25-29 May 2016 ICAME 37 (Hong Kong): Tyrkkö "Quantifying Volume: Frequency, Length and Dispersion of Foreign Chunks in Late Modern English".

10-11 March 2016 HiSoN 2016 (Helsinki, Finland): Tuominen "Flags of war: Multilingual and metadiscursive practices in Early Modern English military writing"; Tyrkkö "On the (Changing) Sociolinguistics of Political Language: From the Queen's Speech to Trump on Twitter" (plenary).

18 February 2016 Triviumin monikielisyysseminaari I (Tampere, Finland): Pahta "Linguistic approaches to historical multilingualism"; Skaffari "Exploring multilingual practices in post-Conquest England"; Tuominen "Multilingual practices in Early Modern English religious writing"; Tyrkkö "Corpus linguistic perspectives to historical multilingualism: a methodological introduction"

11-12 February 2016 XXXVI International VAKKI Symposium (Vaasa, Finland): Nurmi "The provisions of section 45b shall be observed: Translating deontic modality in legal texts"; Skaffari "Text with translation(s): Medieval examples" (poster).

10 February 2016 Linguistics Circle, University of Trier, Germany: Tyrkkö "Multilingual practices in Late Modern English: New corpus-based evidence" (guest lecture)

19-22 October 2015 From Data to Evidence (Helsinki, Finland): Pahta "Multilingual practices in Late Modern English: Evidence of multilingual repertoires in historical data" (plenary).

9-10 October 2015 FINSSE-7 (Vaasa, Finland): Pahta & Tyrkkö "Multilingual Practices in Late Modern English: Baseline Evidence of Sociolinguistic and Text Typological Factors"; Skaffari "Fifty shades of red: Flagging multiple tongues".

1 September 2015 Veera Saarimäki returned to the project.

1 September 2015 Dr Janne Skaffari joined the project as a senior scholar.

5-7 June 2015 SHEL-9 & DSNA-20 (Vancouver, Canada): Pahta, Nurmi, Tyrkkö & Tuominen "A Multilingual Approach to Late Modern English: A Corpus-based Analysis across Genres".

28-31 May 2015 ICAME (Trier, Germany): Pahta, Nurmi, Tyrkkö & Tuominen "Multilingual Practices in Late Modern English: Baseline Evidence from the Corpus of Late Modern English Texts 3.0".

27 May 2015 ICAME Pre-conference workshop (Trier, Germany): Nurmi & Pahta "Are there monolingual corpora? (Computer says no)".

11 May - 15 July 2015 Jenni Riihimäki worked as research assistant in the project.

25-26 March 2015 OX-LEX4 (Oxford): Tyrkkö "Multilingualism, Hard Words, and Late Modern Dictionaries".

22 January 2015 Guest lecture (Glasgow, Scotland): Tyrkkö "Exploring Late Modern Multilingualism: The corpus linguistic approach".

1 January - 30 April 2015 Veera Saarimäki worked as part-time research assistant in the project.

1 September 2014 Jukka Tuominen joined the project.

14-18 July 2014 ICEHL (Leuven, Belgium): Pahta, Nurmi, Tyrkkö & Petäjäniemi "Multilingual practices in Late Modern English: A frequency-based approach."

15-18 June 2014 Sociolinguistics Symposium 20 (Jyväskylä, Finland): Nurmi, Pahta, Tyrkkö & Petäjäniemi "Multilingual practices in Late Modern Written English."

11-13 June 2014 Historical Code-switching: The Next Step symposium was organised in Tampere. See Symposium link on the sidebar.

30 April - 4 May 2014 ICAME (Nottingham, UK): Tyrkkö, Nurmi, Pahta & Petäjäniemi "Foreign Words and Phrases in English Historical Texts: Retrieval methods and quantitative findings."

22-26 May 2013 ICAME (Santiago de Compostela, Spain): Nurmi, Pahta & Tyrkkö "Multilingual practices in the history of written English: Developing a corpus".

2-4 May 2013 Finnish Linguistics Days (Tampere, Finland): Pahta, Tyrkkö, Petäjäniemi & Nurmi "Monikielisyys englanninkielisten tekstien historiassa".

26 March 2013 Research seminar at University of Tampere: Pahta, Nurmi, Petäjäniemi, Tyrkkö, Wright present their research related to the project. Janne Skaffari (University of Turku) presents his work on code-switching and other multilingual practices in England c. 1100 to 1300. Time: 4pm-6.30pm, place Pinni B4087.


16.00 Introduction: Seminar and speakers

16.15 Päivi Pahta & Arja Nurmi, Studying Multilingual Practices in the History of Written English

16.45 Jukka Tyrkkö & Anna Petäjäniemi, Building the corpus: Methods for identifying multilingual texts

17.15 Laura Wright, A twenty-minute history of British medieval business code-switching

17.45 Janne Skaffari, Code-switching in a shadowy period

18.15 Discussion

1 March 2013 Paper at CROSSLING Symposium: Language Contacts at the Crossroads of Disciplines: "Translating multilingual practices: A case study" (Nurmi).

1 January 2013 Jukka Tyrkkö joined the project team.

20 October 2013 Paper at FINSSE-6 (The 6th Conference on the Finnish Society for the Study of English): "Studying Multilingual Practices in the History of Written English" (Pahta, Nurmi, Wright).

2 October 2012 Project website launched.

1 October 2012 - 31 August 2014 Anna Petäjäniemi worked as part-time research assistant in the project.

25 May 2012 The project received funding from the Academy of Finland in 2012-1016 by the total amount of 597 432 euros.

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