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Multilingual Practices in the History of Written English

Historical Code-switching: The Next Step

Place:            Tampere, Finland
Date:             11-13 June 2014
Venue:           Hotel Rosendahl, Tampere
  28 February to 5 May

Welcome to the symposium Historical Code-switching: The Next Step held in Tampere, Finland, 11-13 June 2014.

The study of historical code-switching has now come of age, with numerous articles published on various language combinations. It is generally accepted that code-switching occurred in the past, and this assertion no longer needs to be proven or defended. It’s time to take the next step.

For the three-day symposium, we invite papers on code-switching from any historical period and mixing any combination of languages, European or otherwise.  In particular, we welcome papers that:

  • Approach corpora in new ways, for example, by means of tagging switchpoints, or including far greater amounts of data than before, or text-types not hitherto studied, such as those traditionally not considered worthy of study as too short, ephemeral, or informal;
  • Analyse the visual presentation of code-switching on the page/membrane/folio;
  • Focus on language overlap, for example, words or morphemes which cannot be satisfactorily assigned to solely one of the languages in the mix;
  • Analyse diachronic changes, either code-switching patterns over periods of time longer than three generations, or linguistic developments in one of the participating languages being replicated or reflected in the other(s).

The symposium is organised by two projects funded by the Academy of Finland. The ‘Multilingual Practices in the History of Written English’ project (2012-2016) investigates code-switching practices as evidenced by documents produced in Britain: before c.1500 between Medieval Latin, Anglo-Norman, and Middle English, and after c.1500 between English and various European languages. The ‘Multilingualism in the Long Twelfth Century’ project (2012-2015) focuses on code-switching in texts produced in Britain between c.1100 and c.1300.

Organised by

Multilingual Practices in the History of Written English (University of Tampere)

Multilingualism in the Long Twelfth Century (University of Turku)

Organising Committee

Päivi Pahta (University of Tampere)
Arja Nurmi (University of Tampere)
Laura Wright (University of Cambridge)
Janne Skaffari (University of Turku)
Jukka Tyrkkö (University of Tampere)
Anna Petäjäniemi (University of Tampere)
Aleksi Mäkilähde (University of Turku)


Symposium Secretary

Anna Petäjäniemi (

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