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Faculty of Communication SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculty of Communication Sciences
Multilingual Practices in the History of Written English

Keynote speakers

Gardner-Chloros, Penelope (Birkbeck University of London): Code-switching: Past and Future

Schendl, Herbert (University of Vienna): Code-switching in Anglo-Saxon England: A Corpus-based Analysis



Alcolado Carnicero, José Miguel (University of Castilla-La Mancha): The Study of Language Mixing in the Medieval London Livery Companies’ Multilingual Financial Accounts: A Call to Action

Demo, Šime (University of Zagreb): Mining Neo-Latin Macaronics: A Corpus Study

Fekete, Tamás (University of Pécs): Anglo-Scandinavian Code-mixing in English Place Names

Halmari, Helena (Sam Houston State University): Visual Presentation of Latin in Piers Plowman, Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson Poetry 38 (R):  What is the Pattern?

Honkapohja, Alpo (University of Zurich): “Latin for Apothecaries”? Code-switching in the Text Type of Recipes in the Voigts-Sloane Sibling Group of Middle English Manuscripts.

Ingham, Richard (Birmingham City University): Medieval Bilingualism: Perspectives from Code-switching and from Contact Influence

Kaislaniemi, Samuli (University of Helsinki): Code-switching and Script-switching in Early Modern English Letters

Klemme, Insa J. (University of Freiburg): Oriental-Slavic Language Overlap in Noun and Proper Noun Declension (as Found in Manuscripts of the Polish-Lithuanian Tatars)

Kopaczyk, Joanna (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań): Latin, Polish and...? Language Choices in Municipal Records in Early Modern Poland

Meecham-Jones, Simon (University of Cambridge): Code-switching in C14th and C15th Manuscripts from Wales and The Welsh March

Mäkilähde, Aleksi (University of Turku): Approaching the Functions of Historical Code-switching

Nurmi, Arja, Pahta, Päivi, Petäjäniemi, Anna & Tyrkkö, Jukka (University of Tampere): The Social Embedding of Multilingual Practices in Late Modern English: A Corpus-based Analysis

Queiroz de Barros, Rita (University of Lisbon): Code-switching and Borrowing Revisited: A Case-study on the Admission and Treatment of Loanwords in the Oxford English Dictionary

Sairio, Anni (University of Helsinki): Code-switching in Historical L2 English: the Autobiography of Joseph Emin (1726-1809)

Schipor, Delia (University of Stavanger): Code Selection and Code-switching in the Beverley Town Cartulary

Skaffari, Janne (University of Turku): Vices, Virtues and Code-switching: Multilingual Practices in the Long Twelfth Century

Stam, Nike & de Schepper, Tom (Utrecht University): The Influence of Visual Diamorphs in Two Medieval Irish Corpora

Stenroos, Merja (University of Stavanger): Schoolbooks and the Habit of Bilingual Writing in Late Medieval England

Sylvester, Louise (University of Westminster): Technical Vocabulary and Language Choice: an Examination of the Distribution of the Lexis of Dress and Textiles across a Range of Text Types

Tuominen, Jukka (University of Helsinki): “Trifling Shews of Learning”? Patterns of Code-switching in English Sermons 1640–1740

Voigts, Linda Ehrsam (University of Missouri-Kansas City): Mixing and Melding English and Latin in Late-medieval Medical Texts in BL Harley 2390

Wagner, Esther-Miriam (Woolf Institute and University of Cambridge): Social Conditions, Scribal Education and Code Switching: A diachronic Investigation into Documents from the Cairo Genizah

Wright, Laura (University of Cambridge): Blount’s Royal Eau de Bouquet: on the Use of Codeswitching in Victorian Perfume Marketing

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