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Seminar on Multimodality in Translation and Interpreting

The MULTI (Multimodality in Translation and Interpreting) research group investigates the implications of multimodal meaning construction in translation and interpretation. The group examines how different aspects of multimodality affect the work of translators and interpreters on the one hand, and the receivers of these products on the other. The research interests of the group cover a variety of languages (Finnish, English, Russian, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Spanish), and areas of multimodal intercultural communication, such as interpretation, audiovisual translation, audio description, and the translation of illustrated texts and comics.

Research Group Members  

PhD Tiina Tuominen (Head of the Research Group) is the acting Professor of Translation Studies in the language pair English–Finnish at the University of Tampere, Finland. She teaches courses on translation theory and audiovisual translation, specifically subtitling. Her PhD thesis (2012) investigates the reception of subtitled films in a Finnish context. Her current research interests include audiovisual translation and multimodality in translation, reception research, user-centered translation, and translators’ workplace studies. She has also worked as a subtitler for several years.

PhD Riitta Oittinen is a lecturer at the University of Tampere. She has authored more than 200 publications (books, articles, translations, films). She has also been teaching translation in several universities. Her professional interests lay primarily in the translation of the verbal and the visual in picture books and the concept of translation as a dialogue. In addition to her academic work, Oittinen is also an active translator and illustrator of children’s literature.

PhD Nina Isolahti is an University Lecturer at the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies, University of Tampere, Finland.  She teaches courses on legal translation and certified translation, court interpreting and community interpreting. Isolahti holds a PhD degree in Translation Studies from University of Tampere. The topic of the dissertation is the accuracy of Russian-Finnish court interpreting in Finland. She publishes on different aspects of interpreting and legal translation. Her current research interests include dialogue interpreting process, phone-mediated interpreting and accuracy of interpreting. Her research focuses on interpreting in community and court settings.

PhD Eliisa Pitkäsalo received her PhD in research in Contemporary Culture in 2009. She has extensive experience in teaching Finnish language and culture abroad, mainly in Hungary. At the moment Pitkäsalo works as a university teacher at the University of Tampere, where she teaches written and oral skills in Finnish for interpreting and translation students. After completing her PhD Pitkäsalo has mainly conducted research into literary translation (e.g. metaphors). At the moment she investigates the effect of the readers’ linguistic and cultural background on the reading experience of comics. Her research sheds light on what translators should pay attention to when translating comics.

PhD Maija Hirvonen is post-doctoral researcher and audio description trainer. She received her PhD degree in Translation Studies from the University of Helsinki in 2014. Hirvonen has worked as university lecturer at the universities of Helsinki and Tampere as well as as project assistant at Translation Studies and Terminology Research Community (University of Helsinki). Her research areas are audio description, intermodality and multimodality in translation and interpreting, audiovisual translation, and accessibility. Dr. Hirvonen has published various scientific articles in international and national publications. She is editor of SKY Journal of Linguistics. Outside the academia, she actively participates in the development of audio description in Finland: Hirvonen is member of the audio description committee managed by a Finnish NGO (Cultural Service for the Visually Impaired in Finland) and has given courses on audio description to various audiences.

Anne Ketola is a PhD candidate in the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies at the University of Tampere. Her research focuses on the interaction of visual and verbal information in the translation of illustrated texts of different text types. Her doctoral thesis in examines the interaction of words and images in the translation of illustrated technical texts. She is also a co-author of the forthcoming monograph Revoicing Picturebooks (together with Riitta Oittinen and Melissa Garavini), examining the role of visual information within picturebook translation.

Chiara Galletti holds a degree in translation from the University of Trieste and a Master’s degree in literary translation from the University of Venice, Italy. She is currently a research student in Translation Studies at the University of Tampere, Finland. Her research field is translation of multimodal children’s literature and her PhD thesis concentrates on the corpus of Italian author Bianca Pitzorno’s translations. Chiara Galletti’s professional experience includes translation, teaching and vocational training. Her publications include academic articles, translations, reviews and short stories for children.

PhD Melissa Garavini has a PhD in Italian language and culture from the University of Turku. Her PhD thesis focused on the translations of Mauri Kunnas’s picturebooks from Finnish into Italian. Her research interests lie in the fields of translation studies and children’s literature, in particular the translation of picturebooks. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Turku and works for MeTRa (Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Translation and Mediation for and by Children) at the Department of Interpretation and Translation of the University of Bologna.



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