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Zuzet Martinez Cordova

Anti-inflammatory function of Proprotein Convertase FURIN
Supervised by Marko Pesu (7.4.2017)
TamPub Institutional repository

Minna Ampuja

BMP4 in Breast Cancer Growth and Metastasis with Insights into Transcriptional Regulation
Supervised by Anne Kallioniemi and Emma-Leena Alarmo (24.2.2017)
TamPub Institutional repository


Anni Sorkio

Biomaterial substrates and transplantation materials for human embryonic stem cell derived retinal pigment epithelial cells: Biomimetic approaches for retinal tissue engineering
Supervised by Heli Skottman and Kati Juuti-Uusitalo (2.12.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Hanna-Riikka Honkanen

Epidemiology of Enteroviruses and Their Association with Type 1 Diabetes in Finland
Supervised by Heikki Hyöty and Hanna Viskari (18.11.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sami Oikarinen

Association Between Enterovirus Infections and Type 1 Diabetes in Different Countries
Supervised by Heikki Hyöty and Sisko Tauriainen (18.11.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Reza Zolfaghari Emameh

β-Carbonic Anhydrases - Novel targets for diagnosis and treatment of parasitic infections
Supervised by Markku Kulomaa and Seppo Parkkila (18.11.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Virpi Laitinen

Genetic risk factors for hereditary prostate cancer in Finland - From targeted analysis of susceptibility loci to genome-wide copy number variation study
Supervised by Johanna Schleutker and Tiina Wahlfors (17.6.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Riikka Nurminen

Genetic Susceptibility Factors for Prostate Cancer at Chromosomal Region 11q13.5
Supervised by Johanna Schleutker and Tiina Wahlfors (10.6.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Renuka Natarajan

Biomarkers in Multiple Sclerosis: Special emphasis on melatonin and adipokines
Supervised by Irina Elovaara (3.6.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Mauro Scaravilli

Identification of 1p21-22 Amplification in Bladder Cancer and Expression of non-coding RNAs in Prostate Cancer
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi and Kati Porkka (11.3.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kirsi Määttä

Genetic predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer - BRCA1/2-negative families
Supervised by Johanna Schleutker and Satu-Leena Laasanen (19.2.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Alexandra Mikhailova

Tissue Engineering for Ocular Surface Reconstruction: Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells towards corneal epithelium
Supervised by Heli Skottman and Tanja Ilmarinen (5.2.2016)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Mimmi Patrikoski

Insights into the use of adipose stem cells for clinical cell therapy: Novel culturing conditions and characterization of multipotency and immunogenic properties
Supervised by Susanna Miettinen and Bettina Mannerström (19.9.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Marisa Ojala

Cardiac differentiation of pluripotent stem cells and modeling hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Supervised by Katriina Aalto-Setälä (28.8.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Maarit Oikarinen

Detection of Enteroviruses in Tissue Samples - Methods and applications in type 1 diabetes
Supervised by Heikki Hyöty (10.6.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Tiia Koho

Virus-Like Particles for Vaccine Development
Supervised by Markku Kulomaa (5.6.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository||

Esko Kemppainen

Genetic and Metabolic Suppression of Mitochondrial Disease Phenotype in Drosophila
Supervised by Howard Jacobs (31.5.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kia Kemppainen

Complementation of Cytochrome c Oxidase Deficiency by Transgenic Expression of the Alternative Oxidase in Drosophila
Supervised by Howard Jacobs (30.5.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Anna Oksanen

Proprotein Convertase Enzymes FURIN and PCSK7 in Immune Regulation
Supervised by Marko Pesu (29.5.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Nina Rajala

Probing the Mammalian Mitochondrial Nucleoid
Supervised by Johannes Spelbrink (16.5.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Maija-Leena Vanha-aho

A Functional Study of the Drosophila Host Defense
Supervised by Mika Rämet (19.2.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Miina Björninen

The Effects of Electroactive Polypyrrole on the Osteogenic Differentiation of Adipose Stem Cells and Bone Regeneration
Supervised by Suvi Haimi and Susanna Miettinen (7.1.2015)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Anna Kiviaho

Long QT Syndrome -specific Cardiomyocytes Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: From cell lines to disease models
Supervised by Katriina Aalto-Setälä and Mari Pekkanen-Mattila (13.12.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Hanna Hiidenmaa

Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells towards functional retinal pigment epithelium for future therapeutic applications
Supervised by Heli Skottman and Tanja Ilmarinen (12.12.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sari Tuomisto

Intestinal Bacteria: Post-mortem changes, migration and association with alcoholic liver cirrhosis
Supervised by Pekka J Karhunen and Tanja Pessi (1.11.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Ashok Aspatwar

Distribution and Function of Carbonic Anhydrase Related Proteins (CARPs) VIII, X and XI
Supervised by Mauno Vihinen and Seppo Parkkila (31.10.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Reetta Sartoneva

Tissue Engineering in Urological and Gynaecological Applications
Supervised by Suvi Haimi and Susanna Miettinen (22.8.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Tiina Rauhavirta

Characterizing and Modifying the Intestinal Barrier in Coeliac Disease
Supervised by Katri Lindfors and Katri Kaukinen (15.8.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Emma Raitoharju

MicroRNAs in the Etiology and Pathophysiology of Atherosclerosis
Supervised by Terho Lehtimäki (13.6.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Jenni Leppiniemi

The Development of Novel Biomolecular Tools Based on Avidins, DNA and Chitosan
Supervised by Markku Kulomaa and Vesa Hytönen (16.5.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Yashavanthi Niranjan

Functional Characterization of the Kinase and Pseudokinase Domains in the Janus Tyrosine Kinase (JAK) 2
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen (25.4.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kaisa Teittinen

Nucleolar RNAs and Proteins in Leukemia and Zebrafish Development
Supervised by Olli Lohi and Markku Mäki (20.2.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Barbara Taskinen

Protein Engineering of Avidin by Rational Design and DNA Family Shuffling
Supervised by Vesa Hytönen and Markku Kulomaa (14.2.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Tekele Markos Fashe

Regulation of Hematopoietic Cell Development and Hair Growth in Mouse Models: Expression Analysis of Tudor-SN and Polyamine-Regulated Proteins
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen and Leena Alhonen (14.12.2014)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Cristina Nadalutti

The effects of transglutaminase 2 modulation on endothelial cell biology: focus on celiac disease pathogenesis
Supervised by Markku Mäki and Katri Lindfors (12.12.2013)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Satu Kärkkäinen

SH2 and SH3 domain interactions and characterization of a novel protein POSH2
Supervised by Herma Renkema (22.11.2013)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Andrey Taranukhin

Janus-faced Taurine: Neuroprotection and Toxicity
Supervised by Simo Oja and Pirjo Saransaari (8.11.2013)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sanna Siltanen

Contribution of the ARLTS1 gene to prostate cancer susceptibility
Supervised by Johanna Schleutker (13.9.2013)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Pinja Ilmarinen

Eosinophil as a target for pathophysiological factors and pharmacological compounds
Supervised by Hannu Kankaanranta and Eeva Moilanen (16.8.2013)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Henna Myllymäki

Negative regulation of Drosophila immune response
Supervised by Mika Rämet (24.5.2013)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Juulia Jylhävä

Cell-free DNA as a novel biomarker of aging - characterization and genetic regulation
Supervised by Mikko Hurme (12.4.2013)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Heidi Hongisto

Fibroblast feeder cells in human pluripotent stem cell culture and retinal differentiation - progress toward clinical cell therapy
Supervised by Heli Skottman and Outi Hovatta (25.1.2013)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Rashi Khanna-Jain

Isolation, characterization and osteogenic differentiation of dental stem cells in vitro for bone tissue engineering
Supervised by Susanna Miettinen and Riitta Seppänen (11.12.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Olayinka Raheem

Molecular basis of myotonic disorders and new diagnostic techniques
Supervised by Bjarne Udd (8.12.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Eeva Laurila

Novel Regulators of Pancreatic Cancer Cell Growth and Mobility
Supervised by Anne Kallioniemi (7.12.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Juha Grönholm

Evolutionary Conserved Regulatory Mechanisms of the JAK/STAT Pathway
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen and Mika Rämet (2.11.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Tiina Suominen

Dystrophia myotonica type 2 (DM2) in Finland – a mutation with extensive clinical implications
Supervised by Bjarne Udd (27.10.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Crina Samarghitean

Primary Immunodeficiency Information Knowledge Services
Supervised by Mauno Vihinen (10.8.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Saara Lehmusvaara

Traditional and Novel Treatments for Prostate Cancer - Discoveries at the molecular level
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi and Jarmo Wahlfors (28.6.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sanni Jalava, PhD

The role of 8q amplification and microRNAs in prostate cancer
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi and Kati Porkka (1.6.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Vilppu Tuominen, PhD

Virtual Microscopy: Desing and Implementation of Novel Software Applications for Diagnostic Pathology
Supervised by Jorma Isola (4.5.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Laura Ylä-Outinen

Functionality of human stem cell-derived neuronal networks - biomimetic environment and characterization
Supervised by Susanna Narkilahti and Jari Hyttinen (30.3.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Ville Kujala, PhD

Human pluripotent stem cell -derived cardiomyocytes: differentiation, analysis and disease modeling
Supervised by Katariina Aalto-Setälä and Erja Kerkelä (23.3.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Alfonso Urbanucci, PhD

Overexpression of Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi (20.1.2012)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Anchit Khanna, MD, PhD

Regulation and Clinical Relevance of Cancerous Inhibitor of Protein Phosphatase 2A (CIP2A) In Human Cancers
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi and Jukka Westermarck (9.12.2011)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Heini Kallio, PhD

Regulation and Roles of Carbonic Anhydrases IX and XII
Supervised by Seppo Parkkila (2.12.2011))
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Tiina Riihimäki, PhD

Modification of Structural and Functional Properties of Avidin Protein Using Targeted Random Mutagenesis
Supervised by Markku Kulomaa and Vesa Hytönen ( 23.9.2011 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sanna Hagman, PhD

Inflammatory biomarkers in multiple sclerosis
Supervised by Irina Elovaara and Terho Lehtimäki (2.9.2011)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Eloise Kok, PhD

Alzheimer´s disease neuropathology and inflammation: A genetic and immunohistochemical study
Supervised by Pekka Karhunen and Mikko Hurme (3.6.2011)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Bootorabi (Ahmad) Fatemeh, PhD

Production and Characterization of Carbonic Anhydrase VII. Acetaldehyde-derived modifications and comparison to the other cytosolic isozymes
Supervised by Seppo Parkkila ( 3.6.2011 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Jenni Kallio, PhD

Systems biological study of Drosophila immune signaling
Supervised by Mika Rämet ( 15.4.2011 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Maria Sundberg, PhD

Differentiation and Purification of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Neuronal and Glial Cells - graft designing for spinal cord injury repair
Supervised by Susanna Narkilati and Heli Skottman ( 1.4.2011 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Satumarja Stenman, PhD

Coeliac Disease-inducing Gluten: in vitro harmfulness and detoxification by germinating cereal enzymes
Supervised by Katri Kaukinen and Katri Lindfors (25.2.2011)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Riina Kuuselo, PhD

Supervised by ( Anne Kallioniemi and Ritva Karhu17.12.2010)
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Katri Köninki, PhD

HER-2 positive breast cancer - molecular and epidemiological studies
Supervised by Jorma Isola ( 2.12.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Anne Hyvärinen, PhD

Functional analysis of the MTERF protein family in cultured human cells
Supervised by Howard T. Jacobs ( 20.11.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Mari Pekkanen-Mattila, PhD

Cardiomyocyte Differentiation from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Supervised by Katriina Aalto-Setälä and Erja Kerkelä ( 12.11.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sanna Pakkanen, PhD

Profiling of High-risk Prostate Cancer Families in Finland
Supervised by Teuvo Tammela and Johanna Schleutker ( 12.11.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kati Waltering, PhD

Androgen receptor signaling pathway in prostate cancer
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi ( 10.9.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Janita Thusberg, PhD

Molecular effects of missense mutations - Bioinformatics analysis of genetic defects
Supervised by Mauno Vihinen ( 2.7.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Anni Kleino, PhD

The Imd pathway-mediated immune response in Drosophila
Supervised by Mika Rämet ( 23.6.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Essi Myrsky, PhD

Vascular Biology in Coeliac Disease - Role of Disease-Specific Autoantibodies
Supervised by Katri Kaukinen and Katri Lindfors ( 18.6.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kristiina Rajala, PhD

Development of human stem cell culture conditions for clinical cell therapy
Supervised by Heli Skottman and Outi Hovatta ( 22.5.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Riikka Äänismaa, PhD

Human embryonic stem cell-derived neural and neuronal cells in vitro and in vivo: treatment of experimental cerebral ischemia
Supervised by Heli Skottman and Susanna Narkilahti ( 26.3.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sofia Khan, PhD

Mutational effects on protein structures: Knowledge gained from databases, predictions and protein models
Supervised by Mauno Vihinen ( 8.2.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kati Pulkkinen, PhD

HIV-1 Nef protein and the Nef-associating kinase PAK2 in cell signaling
Supervised by Kalle Saksela ( 5.2.2010 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository |||


Mari Levula, PhD

Gene expression profiling of human lipoprotein-loaded macrophages and atherosclerotic lesions with special emphasis on ADAMs
Supervised by Terho Lehtimäki ( 18.12.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Meng Fan, PhD

Role of CYBA gene polymorphisms in atherosclerosis
Supervised by Terho Lehtimäki ( 15.12.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Bettina Lindroos, PhD

Characterization and optimization of in vitro culture conditions of adult stem cells for clinical cell therapy
Supervised by Riitta Suuronen ( 14.12.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Henna Mattila, PhD

Hereditary prostate cancer in Finland: from genetic linkage to susceptibility genes
Supervised by Johanna Schleutker ( 11.12.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Helen Cooper, PhD

Regulating mitochondrial function: The roles of SIRT3 as a mitochondrial protein deacetylase and the functions of the Twinkle helicase in mitochondrial DNA maintenance
Supervised by Hans Spelbrink ( 5.12.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Hanna Rauhala, PhD

DNA hypermethylation in prostate cancer
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi. ( 4.12.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Alejandra Rodriguez Martinez, PhD

Expression of profiling of novel iron-related genes in mouse models of iron overload
Supervised by Seppo Parkkila ( 30.10.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Miia Virta, PhD

Role of Inflammatory Mediators and their Genetics in Epstein-Barr Virus Infection, Febrile Seizures and Atopy
Supervised by Mikko Hurme and Merja Helminen ( 16.10.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Riina Nieminen, PhD

Cyclo-oxygenase-2, MAP kinase Pathways and Aurothiomalate. Induction of MAP kinase phosphatase-1 as a novel mechanism of action of anti-rheumatic drug aurothiomalate
Supervised by Eeva Moilanen ( 26.6.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Annika Raitala, PhD

Clinical implications and genetic regulation of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase serum activity
Supervised by Mikko Hurme ( 26.6.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Ernesto Zanotto, PhD

Functional Characterization of a Bidirectional Mammalian Promoter of Two Genes for the Mitochondrial Translational Apparatus
Supervised by Howy Jacobs ( 13.6.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Satu Helppolainen, PhD

Structural and functional characterization of rhizavidin, bradavidin II and xenavidin; new members of the avidin family and the Calycin superfamily
Supervised by Markku Kulomaa ( 29.5.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Anita Kondrashova, PhD

Epidemiology and Risk Markers of Autoimmune Diseases in Russian Karelia and in Finland
Supervised by Heikki Hyöty ( 16.5.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Keijo Viiri, PhD

The Sin3-Associated Protein 30 (SAP30) Family of Transcriptional Regulators
Supervised by Markku Mäki ( 8.5.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Riikka Mäkelä, PhD

Role of -463G/A Promoter Polymorphism of Myeloperoxidase in the Development of Atherosclerosis
Supervised by Terho Lehtimäki and Pekka Karhunen ( 27.3.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Wang Jing-Huan, PhD

Vitamin D, Lipid Metabolism and Prostate Cancer
Supervised by Pentti Tuohimaa ( 31.1.2009 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Suvi Haimi, PhD

Allograft bone and osteogenic scaffolds seeded with human adipose stem cells in bone tissue engineering. In vitro study
Supervised by Riitta Suuronen ( 29.12.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Anna Minasyan, PhD

Vitamin D and the nervous system
Supervised by Pentti Tuohimaa ( 22.12.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Mika Hilvo, PhD

Expression and Biochemical Properties of Membrane-Bound Carbonic Anhydrase Isozymes IX and XV
Supervised by Seppo Parkkila ( 31.10.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Ulla Jalonen, PhD

Regulation and inflammatory effects of tristetraprolin in macrophages
Supervised by Eeva Moilanen ( 13.9.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Mari Hämäläinen, PhD

Inducible nitric oxide synthase as a target of anti-inflammatory treatment modalities
Supervised by Eeva Moilanen ( 22.8.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Leena Viiri, PhD

Association and functional studies on promoter polymorphisms within the apolipoprotein E gene, regarding lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis
Supervised by Pekka Karhunen and Terho Lehtimäki ( 14.6.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kati Juuti-Uusitalo, PhD

Functional genomics of a three-dimensional epithelial cell culture and coeliac small intestinal mucosal biopsy samples
Supervised by Markku Mäki ( 13.6.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Outi Sareila, PhD

Pharmacological regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression. Effects of Janus kinase inhibitors, orazipone and simendans
Supervised by Eeva Moilanen ( 2.5.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sari Vanhatupa, PhD

Regulation of STAT1 through Post-translational Modifications
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen ( 28.3.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Jaana Renko, PhD

Bacterial DNA Signatures in Arterial Inflammation
Supervised by Seppo Nikkari ( 29.3.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Jaakko Pohjoismäki, PhD

Modulation of mitochondrial DNA replication and recombination in mammalian tissues and cultured cells
Supervised by Howard Jacobs ( 16.2.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Emma-Leena Alarmo, PhD

Characterization of Bone Morphogenetic protein 7 in Breast Cancer
Supervised by Anne Kallioniemi ( 8.2.2008 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Tuuli Välineva, PhD

Molecular Mechanisms of IL-4 induced Transcription. Characterization of coregulatory proteins of STAT6.
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen ( 21.12.2007 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Jenita Pärssinen, PhD

Characterization and functional studies of PPM1D in breast cancer.
Supervised by Anne Kallioniemi ( 7.12.2007 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Carita Eklund, PhD

Gene Polymorphisms Affecting the Production of C-reactive Protein
Supervised by Mikko Hurme ( 26.10.2007 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Iivari Kleino, PhD

Variable expressions of ADAM family genes in tissues and cancer cells
Supervised by Ari Huovila and Jorma Isola ( 29.6.2007 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sjoerd Wanrooij, PhD

MtDNA Maintenance by Twinkle and Polymerase Gamma in Health and Disease
Supervised by Hans Spelbrink ( 16.6.2007 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Yue-Mei Fan, PhD

Role of Promoter C-480T Polymorphism of Hepatic Lipase in the Development of Atherosclerosis
Supervised by Terho Lehtimäki ( 30.3.2007 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Mervi Jumppanen, PhD

Basal Cytokeratins and HER-2 Oncogene in Breast Cancer
Supervised by Jorma Isola ( 28.2.2007 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Hannele Hasala, PhD

Role of Histamine in the Regulation of Human Eosinophil Apoptosis
Supervised by Hannu Kankaanranta and Eeva Moilanen ( 16.12.2006 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Astrid Murumägi, PhD

Characterization of Human AIRE Promoter and Analysis of AIRE Expression in Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells and Thymomas
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen ( 16.12.2006 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Svetlana Molchanova, PhD

Release and neuromodulatory effects of taurine in the rodent striatum
Supervised by Pirjo Saransaari and Simo S Oja ( 14.12.2006 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Eija Seppälä, PhD

Heterogeneity in Genetic Susceptibility to Prostate Cancer
Supervised by Johanna Schleutker ( 1.12.2006 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Marina Toompuu, PhD

Molecular Pathological Mechanisms of Mitochondrial tRNA Point Mutations
Supervised by Howard T Jacobs ( 3.11.2006 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Outi Saramäki, PhD

Gene Copy Number Alterations in Prostate Cancer
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi ( 18.8.2006 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Anja Rovio, PhD

DNA Polymerase Gamma Mutations in Male Infertility and Ageing
Supervised by Howard T Jacobs ( 30.6.2006 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Shengjun Qiao, PhD

Fatty Acid Metabolism, Vitamin D3 and Prostate Cancer
Supervised by Pentti Tuohimaa and Heimo Syvälä ( 20.5.2006 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kimmo Savinainen, PhD

Amplification and Overexpression of ERBB2, uPA, TRPS1, EIF3S3 and MYC Genes in Prostate Cancer
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi ( 11.3.2006 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Kirsi Syrjäkoski, PhD

Genetic Predisposition to Male and Female Breast Cancer
Supervised by Olli-Pekka Kallioniemi and Pasi Koivisto ( 14.1.2005 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Marita Hiipakka, PhD

Ligand recognition in SH3-mediated protein interactions
Supervised by Kalle Saksela ( 23.4.2005 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Hanna Viskari, MD, PhD

Enterovirus immunity and maternal enterovirus infections - connection to type 1 diabetes
Supervised by Heikki Hyöty ( 27.8.2005 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Ilkka Junttila, MD, PhD

Regulation of Cytokine Signaling During Macrophage Differentiation and Activation
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen ( 30.9.2005 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Perttu Pöllänen, PhD

Matrix Metalloproteinase 3 and 9 Cis-regulatory Variation and Atherosclerotic Lesions
Supervised by Terho Lehtimäki and Pekka Karhunen ( 1.10.2005 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Nina Mononen, PhD

Polymorphisms in genes associated with androgen biosynthesis and metabolism as risk factors for human prostate cancer
Supervised by Johanna Schleutker ( 4.11.2005 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Jukka Pitkänen, MD, PhD

Characterisation of the Autoimmune Regulator (AIRE) Protein. Autoimmunity on a Molecular Level
Supervised by Pärt Peterson ( 2.12.2005 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Yan-Ru Lou, PhD

Vitamin D3 metabolism in normal and malignant human prostate cells
Supervised by Pentti Tuohimaa ( 16.12.2005 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Daniela Ungureanu, PhD

Post-translational modifications in regulation of JAK-STAT pathway
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen ( 17.12.2005 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Eija Mahlamäki, MD, PhD

Genome-wide characterization of genetic aberrations in pancreatic cancer
Supervised by Anne Kallioniemi and Ritva Karhu ( 9.1.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Tarja Kunnas, PhD

Associations of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase and Estrogen Receptor-alpha Gene Polymorphisms with Coronary Artery Disease
Supervised by Seppo Nikkari and Pekka Karhunen ( 27.2.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Päivikki Hemmilä (nee Kauraniemi), PhD

Molecular Consequences of Gene Amplification in Breast Cancer
Supervised by Anne Kallioniemi ( 5.3.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Annika Vienonen, PhD

Nuclear receptor and cofactor expression in female reproductive tissues
Supervised by Timo Ylikomi and Pentti Tuohimaa ( 26.3.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Tarja Toimela, PhD

Evaluation of Neurotoxicity of Mercury Compounds and Aluminum in Cell Cultures
Supervised by Hanna Tähti ( 14.5.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Irma Kakko, PhD

Toxic Mechanisms of Pyrethroids Studied in vitro
Supervised by Hanna Tähti ( 18.6.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Katri Lindfors, PhD

Differential Gene Expression in Intestinal Crypt Villus Axis
Supervised by Heikki Kainulainen and Markku Mäki ( 18.6.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Ulla Aapola, PhD

Characterisation and Functional Studies of the DNA Cytosine-5-Methyltransferase 3-like Gene
Supervised by Pärt Peterson ( 10.9.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Aleksi Lahti, MD, PhD

Regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression and nitric oxide production by mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways
Supervised by Eeva Moilanen and Hannu Kankaanranta ( 9.10.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Annika Rökman, PhD

In Search of High-Penetrant Hereditary Prostate Cancer Susceptibility Genes
Supervised by Johanna Schleutker and Olli-Pekka Kallioniemi ( 26.11.2004 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Riikka Rontu, PhD

Polymorphisms of the Antioxidative Enzyme Paraoxonase-1 in the Development of Atherosclerosis
Supervised by Terho Lehtimäki ( 14.3.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Sanna Kilpinen, MD, PhD

Inflammatory Cytokines and Their Promoter Polymorphisms
Supervised by Mikko Hurme ( 16.4.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Marko Pesu, MD, PhD

Regulation of STAT6-mediated transcription in IL-4-induced signal transduction
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen ( 23.5.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Olga Vekovischeva, PhD

The Role of a6 Subunit-containing GABAA Receptors in Behavioral Effects of Alcohol and Drug Treatments
Supervised by Simo Oja ( 23.5.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

András Hermann, PhD

The Neuromodulatory Roles of Glutathione, S-Nitrosoglutathione and Cysteine in the Central Nervous System
Supervised by Simo Oja and Vince Varga ( 24.5.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Synnöve Staff, MD, PhD

Somatic Genetic Changes of BRCA1 and BRCA2 in Breast Cancer
Supervised by Jorma Isola and Minna Tanner ( 6.6.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kirsi Mustalahti, MD, PhD

Silent Coeliac Disease
Supervised by Markku Mäki ( 1.8.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Marika Linja, PhD

Alterations in androgen receptor, estrogen receptors and their coregulatory genes in prostate cancer
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi ( 25.9.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Kati Porkka, PhD

Differentially Expressed Genes in Prostate Cancer
Supervised by Tapio Visakorpi ( 24.10.2003 )
||| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Janne Toivonen, PhD

A Model for Mitochondrial Deafness in Flies. Expression and Mutation Analysis of Mitoribosomal Protein S12
Supervised by Howard Jacobs ( 25.10.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Saara Aittomäki, PhD

Interferon-gamma-activated gene expression: molecular mechanisms of Stat1-mediated transcription
Supervised by Olli Silvennoinen ( 22.11.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Xianzi Zhang, PhD

Regulation of Human Eosinophil and Neutrophil Apoptosis -with Special Reference to Asthma and Effect of Glucocorticoids and Nitric Oxide
Supervised by Hannu Kankaanranta and Eeva Moilanen ( 26.11.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Hanna Mäenpää, MD, PhD

Effects of Antiestrogens on Retinal Cells in vitro -Glutamate Transporter as a Novel Target?
Supervised by Hanna Tähti and Lotta Salminen ( 5.12.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Elmira Anderzhanova, PhD

Role of Dopaminergic and Glutamatergic Systems of the Striatum in the Mechanisms of d-Amphetamine and Ammonia Neurotoxicity
Supervised by Pirjo Saransaari ( 18.12.2003 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||


Jaana Rummukainen, MD, PhD

Molecular genetic studies of chromosome 8 and oncogene c-myc in breast cancer
Supervised by Jorma Isola and Soili Kytölä ( 1.3.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Tuula Halttunen, PhD

Biological functions of coeliac disease autoantibodies
Supervised by Markku Mäki ( 6.4.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Niina Paunu, MD, PhD

Familial glioma - a molecular genetic and epidemiological study
Supervised by Hannu Haapasalo ( 13.4.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Janne Hulkkonen, MD, PhD

Inflammatory cytokines and cytokine gene polymorphisms in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, in primary Sjögren's syndrome and in healthy subjects
Supervised by Mikko Hurme ( 8.5.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Hanna Klinowska, PhD

Effect of experimental hepatic encephalopathy on striatal and cortical glutamatergic modulation of dopaminergic neurotransmission
Supervised by Simo Oja and Pirjo Saransaari ( 18.5.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Riku Korhonen, MD, PhD

Regulation of inducible nitric oxide production in activated macrophages,
Supervised by Eeva Moilanen ( 28.6.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Merja Ahonen, PhD

Vitamin D in human ovarian and prostate cancer
Supervised by Pentti Tuohimaa and Timo Ylikomi ( 20.9.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Anne Kalela, PhD

Factors affecting serum matrix metalloproteinase-9 with special reference to athoresclerosis
Supervised by Seppo T. Nikkari and Pekka Sillanaukee ( 5.10.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Juha Horsti, PhD

Prothrombin time, Evaluation of determination methods
Supervised by Juhani Vilpo ( 18.10.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Marjo Aitola, MD, PhD

Developmental expression of transcription factors
Supervised by Markku Pelto-Huikko ( 25.10.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Mari Luomala, PhD

Immune system genes and multiple sclerosis A case-control study in a Finnish population
Supervised by Irina Elovaara and Terho Lehtimäki ( 21.11.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

Satu-Leena Sallinen, MD, PhD

Genetic Profiling of Astrocytic Tumors
Supervised by Jorma Isola and Hannu Haapasalo ( 13.12.2002 )
|| TamPub Institutional repository ||

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