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Doctoral Programme in Medicine and Life Sciences

Seminars and courses

In vitro models, 13.-22.3.2018

Lectures: 1 ECTS
Lectures, group work and laboratory practice: 4 ECTS

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International Seminar Serie Programme

Thursdays in Arvo Auditoriums.

Please note the varying times and days.

Date & time Speaker Title
9.00-15.00 F211
Model organisms Minisymposium
Speakers: Prof. Dan Hultmark, Dr. Phil Elks, Dr. Jaakko Mattila, Associate Prof. Sanna Lehtonen and Associate Prof. Anni Kleino
" The topics deal with Drosophila and zebrafish "
14.00-15.00 F115
Ellen Fritsche
Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine
" Scientific Validation of human Neural Progenitor Cells as an Alternative Method for Developmental Neurotoxicity (DNT) Testing "
Host: Susanna Narkilahti
14.00-15.00 F211
Dr. Massimo Gadina
Director of the Office of Science and Technology (OST) at the NIAMS
" Inhibition of Cytokine Signaling in Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases: The Coming of Age of JAK Inhibitors "
Host: Marko Pesu
13.15-16.00 F217
Janne Jänis
University of Eastern Finland
" Mass spectrometry in protein research "
Special Methods in Protein Research -mini serie (Part of BTK4320 course)
11.00-14.00 F217
Tomi Airenne
Åbo Academi University
" X-ray crystallography "
Special Methods in Protein Research -mini serie (Part of BTK4320 course)
14.00-15.00 F114
Prof. Tapio Rantala
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Tampere University of Technology
" Modeling and simulation of nature "
Host: Soile Nymark
11.15-14.00 F217
Perttu Permi
University of Jyväskylä
" NMR & protein structure-function "
Special Methods in Protein Research -mini serie (Part of BTK4320 course)
10.15-12.00 F217
Ossi Turunen
University of Eastern Finland
" Enzyme engineering "
Special Methods in Protein Research -mini serie (Part of BTK4320 course)
13.00-14.00 F115
Mo Baikoghli
The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California, Davis.
" Structural Characterization of Extracellular Matrix via 3D Spheroids to Track Nanoparticle Targeting "
Host: Vesa Hytönen
14.00-15.00 F114
Dr. Ben Goult
University of Kent
" The talin code: deciphering mechanotransduction using structural mechanobiology "
Host: Vesa Hytönen
14.00-15.00 F115
James Whiteford
Queen Mary University of London
" A syndecan derived therapeutic peptide for the treatment of neovascular eye diseases "
Host: Tero Järvinen
14.00-15.00 F114
Maria Vartiainen
Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki
" Nuclear actin in gene expression and genome organization "
Host: Teemu Ihalainen
14.00-15.00 F114
Pekka Katajisto
University of Helsinki and Karolinska Institutet
" Stem cell niche interactions during aging "
Host: Keijo Viiri
14.30-15.30 F114
Prof. Hannele Laivuori
" FinnGen-Finnish genomes empowering personalized and predictive medicine "
Host: Johanna Mäenpää
13.00-14.00 F211
Caroline Heckman
FIMM, University of Helsinki
" Precision treatment strategies for drug resistant hematological malignancies "
Host: Daniela Ungureanu
15.00-16.00 F114
Prof. Gordon Wallace
University of Wollongong, Australia
" 3D printing -accelerating progress in medical science "
Host: Jari Hyttinen
14.00-15.00 F212
Prof. Silvia Finnemann
Department of Biological Sciences, Fordham University, New York, USA
" To eat or not to eat: molecular mechanisms regulating daily clearance of photoreceptor cell debris in the retina "
Host: Soile Nymark
8.40-16.30 F114
Cancer Research Seminar 2018
" Seminar is open to everyone who works in topics related to cancer research. However, registration and willingness to present your work is required for participation. "
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NOTE: Registration deadline: 11.5.
14.00-15.00 F114
Prof. Navdeep S. Chandel
Northwestern University, US
" Mitochondria control of physiology and disease: beyond ATP "
Host: Howy Jacobs

More information about seminar series: henna.mattila(at)

Coffee and snacks before the seminar.

Everybody welcome!

Kliinisen tutkijan peruskurssi (5 op, Moodle, In Finnish only)

Koulutus järjestetään ajalla 26.2. - 27.5.2018.

Opintojakson tarkoituksena on ohjata aloittavia tutkijoita terveystieteellisen kliinisen tutkimuksen toteuttamiseen hyvän tutkimuskäytännön mukaisesti.
Kurssin keskeisiin sisältöihin kuuluvat mm.

  • kliinisen tutkimuksen eettisyys ja tietoon perustuva suostumus
  • lainsäädäntö, ohjeistukset ja viranomaisluvat sekä
  • hyvä kliininen tutkimustapa

Kohderyhmä on terveystieteellistä kliinistä tutkimusta tekevät jatkokoulutettavat ja post-docit. Osallistujilla tulee olla oma tutkimusaihe. Otamme kurssille ensisijaisesti Tampereen yliopiston Lääketieteen ja biotieteiden tiedekunnan sekä Tampereen yliopistollisen sairaalan erityisvastuualueen tutkijoita. Kurssille otetaan ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä 35 kohderyhmään kuuluvaa koulutettavaa.

Opetusmenetelmänä on verkkokoulutus, kaikki välttämättä tarvittava oppimateriaali on Tampereen yliopiston Moodlessa. Kurssi sisältää luettavaa materiaalia ja verkko-oppimistehtäviä, joiden ohjauksesta vastaavat verkkokurssin kouluttajina toimivat tutorit. Lopputehtävän tarkistaa tieteenalan tutor.

Ilmoittautuminen alkaa 22.1.2018 ja päättyy 16.2.2018 klo 24.00. Ilmoittautumiset osoitteeseen
Lisätiedot kurssin vastuuhenkilöiltä:

Aila Kätkä, puh. 050 520 1855,
Kirsi Kohonen, puh. 050 329 5667,

Hydrogel Journal Club

Time: Last Monday of each month at 15.00
25.09., 30.10., 27.11., (18.12.), 29.01., 26.02., 26.03., 23.04.

Place: Arvo-building at Kauppi campus. Seminar rooms will be announced via email.

Organized by: BioMediTech (Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere)

Responsible persons: Christine Gering (doctoral student, TUT) & Vesa Hytönen (docent, UTA)

General description: This Journal Club is intended for researchers of BioMediTech institute with specific
interested related to HYDROGEL technology. The participants will get first-hand knowledge about the highly
multidisciplinary research done in our own institute. Different topics such as designing hydrogel biomaterials,
characterization methods, imaging requirements, biological response and applications in the medical and
biotechnological field will be discussed. The goal of the Journal Club is to enhance networking of BioMediTech
researchers and students with similar or parallel challenges and to spread the knowledge of all the possibilities
we have in our institute but we might not know about.

In practice, this Journal Club will function so that each session starts with a presentation on a particular hydrogel
related subject and then the participants will have time to discuss the topics or questions raised by the starting
presentation. The presentation can be given by one of the Journal Club participants or by an invited visiting
scientist. The topic of next session will be decided between the participants of previous session and it will be
announced through the course’s mailing list one week before the session.  

Structure of the course: Lectures (1 ECTS) and preparation of own presentation (1 ECTS).

Evaluation: Pass/Fail, compulsory attendance to 70% percentage of the sessions.

Course material: Material and presentations from the course will be available in Moodle.

Required earlier studies: Master’s students in the final part of their studies and PhD students can get ECTS
from this course. Post-doctoral researchers and lab personnel are free to join if they consider the day’s topic
interesting and relevant for them. Preference for participants with research related somehow to hydrogels, but
you can also join just to learn more. Highly interdisciplinary background of participants is beneficial for all.

Further information: Contact Christine Gering

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