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Doctoral Programme in Medicine and Life Sciences

Graduation, Public Defense and Publishing the Doctoral Dissertation

There are several options available for publishing a doctoral dissertation. The most common method is to publish the dissertation electronically and print a small number of dissertations in book form for the public defense and for own use in the Acta Universitatis Tamperensis series. It is also possible to choose another publisher for the paper copies. The author of the dissertation must ask the publisher a permission to use the publications as part of both the electronic and printed dissertation.

Please remember to save enough time for the printing process (the dissertation must be sent to the Library in pdf-form 35 days before the public defense at the latest). The printing schedule must be agreed upon with the publication amanuensis of the Acta-series already during the preliminary examination phase. Further information about publishing the dissertation and about defense announcements can be found from the Library webpage:

Checking the originality of doctoral thesis with turnitin –online plagiarism checker software

According to the Rector's decision (5.12.2013) the originality of every doctoral and licentiate thesis left for pre-examination has to be checked with Turnitin -online plagiarism checker software. For more information about the program and training can be found from the University of Tampere Doctoral School pages:

Public defense

A doctoral dissertation must be examined in public. The public defense has three main functions:

  • It offers the opportunity to publicly and in the most trustworthy manner to make sure that the doctoral candidate has personally drafted the dissertation, which correlates with the general demands set for dissertations.
  • It offers the official opponent, those who grade the dissertation, and others who are interested in the subject an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the dissertation by listening to the defense, by asking questions and by discussing with the author.
  •  It offers an opportunity to make university-level research public in a way that deviates from the norm and is more visible to the public.

Instructions for the Doctoral Candidate

Once the doctoral candidate has chosen the date of the defense with the custos and the opponent, the day must also be informed to the School. The School can then take care of the public display of the dissertation (a minimum of 10 days before the defense) and other necessary arrangements.

The doctoral candidate is personally responsible for reserving a lecture hall, where the defense can be held. Lecture halls are available in all University buildings and also in the M-building, which is property of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District. Arvo attendants: 050 318 7357,

It is customary to end the defense by offering coffee to all the listeners. In the evening the doctoral candidate may host an official afterparty, which is usually attended by family and friends as well as the opponent and the custos.


The doctoral student's supervisor accepts doctoral studies according to the report cards provided by the student. The Faculty then verifies that the courses are suitable and adds them to the student's study register. When all the necessary studies have been completed, marked to the register and the dissertation has been graded, the student will receive a Degree Certificate from the Faculty.

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