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Doctoral Programme in Medicine and Life Sciences

How to become a doctoral student

Each postgraduate student must choose a field of study for their dissertation or licentiate thesis and find a supervisor (a professor or docent) from the Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences. Together with the supervisor the student should also propose members for the dissertation follow-up group.

The application process is electronical and you can access it here.  

Admissions criteria

Admissions criteria and General eligibility for Doctoral Studies can be found from the Postgraduate Study Guide, pdf (2015 version, new version will be available in August)

Approval procedure

The Scientific Postgraduate Committee at the Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences processes submitted applications approximately once a month in its meetings and makes a proposal. The Dean decides who will be admitted. Admitted applicants will be informed by post.

Meeting dates of the Scientific Postgraduate Committee

One study place per term provision

According to the one study place per term provision, a student may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland during one academic term. This rule applies to all higher education starting from autumn term 2016 (1 August 2016).

Higher education degrees included in the provision are:

• Bachelors' degrees and Masters' degrees awarded by Finnish universities of applied sciences.

• Bachelors' degrees and Masters' degrees awarded by Finnish universities

• Licentiate and Doctoral degrees awarded by Finnish universities

The only exceptions to the provision are:

• Transfer student selections

• the Åland Polytechnic

• the Police College of Finland

• higher education institutions outside of Finland

The academic term (from 1 August to 31 December or 1 January to 31 July) is the set framework for implementing this provisin. The provision does not prevent a student from accepting a study place in another degree programme during another academic term. Even if the student postpones the commencement of studies, or interrupts his/her studies, it is not possible to accept another study place for a degree programme that starts during the same academic term.

Accepting the study right

In order to accept the awarded study right and to maintain your right to enrol to the degree programme, you must fill in and deliver the confirmation form that you receive from the University of Tampere to Registrar's Office. If your confirmation has not arrived by the date indicated above, you will lose your study right.


All doctoral students must enrol to the University when starting their studies and at the beginning of each academic year until they complete their degree. The academic year begins on the 1st day of August, and thus student should enrol before this. Only students who have enrolled as 'present' are able to attend courses, pursue their studies at the University and finally receive a Degree Certificate. Student Union membership is optional.

Postgraduate students studying at the Kauppi campus will be kept up to date by e-mail. New postgraduate students are added to the e-mail list for postgraduate students at the Kauppi campus. The e-mail list does not function automatically, so the students must always inform the Faculty if their contact information changes.

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