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Arvo, Arvo Ylpön katu 34

Mon–Fri 7.30–20

Summertime (May 29th - August 17th)

Mon–Fri 8–17

FinnMedi 1, Biokatu 6

FinnMedi 3, Biokatu 10

Tampere University Hospital, Teiskontie 35



The Kauppi campus is located near the Tampere University Hospital, about 2.5 kilometres east of the Tampere railway station. The University of Tampere operates in Arvo, Finn-Medi1 and Finn-Medi3 buildings (see map). In Arvo building there are info, restaurant, library and lecture halls. Below more precise information on how to get to Kauppi campus.

Printable map of the Kauppi campus area


The main entrance A of Arvo is found on the eastern side of the building. If you are coming from the direction of Tampere University Hospital, the main entrance is located behind the Arvo building. If, instead, you are coming along Lääkärinkatu, the main entrance is on the right side of the building.

Near the main entrance A you will find the info desk and the house managers. There are also three other entrances to the building: B, C and D but there are neither an info desk nor house managers near them.


There is limited space for parking on the campus. At the moment, there are no free parking space for visitors at the Kauppi campus on behalf of the University of Tampere. The closest parking space is the Tampere University Hospital’s customer parking. This parking space is marked on the map below with the letter P. The parking is chargeable.

Tays Central Hospital area parking map (in Finnish)

UTA Staff can get a paid parking permit via an online system. More information on the parking arrangements is available on the UTA intranet. These parking spaces are marked on the map below with the letter Z.

Parking spaces intended for handicapped people are found near the entrances B and C. Only those holding a handicapped person’s parking permit may use these spaces. A permit granted in the EU Member States is valid in all EU Member States. The permit is valid for the holder and is not restricted to a specific vehicle.

Shelters for bikes are found by the entrance B.

Public transport

Transport in the Tampere city area is operated by the blue buses of Tampere Regional Transport or TKL. There are good bus connections to the Kauppi campus from the city centre. There are two bus stops near the campus by the road Teiskontie and the bus lines passing the Arvo building are numbers 1, 8, 28, 42 and 90. When arriving to Arvo building or leaving it, the name of the bus stop is in both cases Hoitokoti. See bus timetables in TKL’s website.

To get from the bus stops to the Arvo building’s main entrance A, please follow the street Lääkärinkatu (see map).

Campus bikes

The University of Tampere has campus bikes for the use of staff and students. Bikes are meant for travelling between campuses and they can be requested from the house managers. There are bikes at the main campus, Virta, Arvo and Nekala school and they can be loaned from 8 AM to 4 PM. The bike must be returned on the loan day to one of these buildings before they close for the day.

To loan a bike, please present a valid staff or student card to the house managers. The house managers will also provide you with a helmet and a bike light, if requested.

The user of the bike must take care of the bike as if it is their own and always lock the bike to the bicycle stand. If the bike malfunctions while loaning it, the house managers must be notified of the malfunction at the return of the bike.


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