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Faculty of Medicine and Life SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

Services in the Arvo

House Managers and TAY-Palvelut Oy

The House Managers and info desk are located on the first floor of the Arvo building. The info desk is in the main lobby near main entrance A. House managers provide the following services: help desk, monitoring the facilities, transportation and parking, customer service, mail delivery, and access and key control in the Arvo building. The house managers guard the premises during the opening hours of the Arvo building.

Supplies for staff coffee rooms can also be requested from the house managers at the info desk.

The house managers of Arvo building, contact details
tel. 050 318 7357

TAY-Palvelut Oy provides the house manager services for the University of Tampere. TAY-Palvelut also provides the following services:

  • Transportation and furniture assembly
  • Security services
  • Cleaning services
  • Facility maintenance
  • Telephone services
  • Facilities rental to external customers

TAY-palvelut, customer service
Mon–Fri 8–15.45
tel. 050 318 6212
Maintenance Service:
Arvo I (A, B ja C-wing)
Arvo II (D, E ja F-wing)


Arvo building, room E106
Open Mon–Thu 8–16, Fri 8–15
tel. 040 1904141

The staff of IT Helpdesk serves you in all matters related to the University's electronic services. IT Helpdesk serves via phone, email, online and at the helpdesks that are located in the University’s main and Arvo buildings.

The IT Helpdesk of Arvo building is in the room E106 on the first floor of Arvo building. The room is located in the main foyer near the house manager’s info desk.

The university staff can contact IT Helpdesk via phone 040 1904141, or via email or by visiting the helpdesk (E106). IT Helpdesk offers tech support and assists with acquiring software and devices.

Tech support

Tech support is available at the IT Helpdesk opening hours and can help you in person on matters concerning your device (laptops, tablet devices and phones). At the IT Helpdesk, you can get advice relating to your electronic devices and assistance with matters concerning e.g.

  • the students' and staff members' user accounts and key cards
  • visitors' user accounts
  • ordering mailing lists
  • changes of administrators of home pages and mailing lists
  • collecting software licenses ordered from the customer service
  • installing software on your device
  • information on malware protection or removing viruses from your device
  • information on how to recycle your old devices

More information is available on the IT Helpdesk website.

A more extensive list of services and more instruction pages are available on the University’s Intranet (requires a log in).

University and study services

University Services acts as the general preparatory and executive body for the University management. University Services arranges administrative services to support the operations of the University, Faculties, and independent institutes. Moreover, University Services is responsible for the strategic development of these services and for overseeing their implementation.

Additionally, University Services is responsible for general administrative tasks in the profit centres' study, research, financial and information affairs, and general administration and human resources. Moreover, communication, planning and development tasks also fall under the scope of University Services. University Services is led by the Director of Administration, who is assisted by a Steering Committee.

Human resources and services for financial and research administration are located in the C-wing, on the second floor of the Arvo building. See administration’s contact details.

More information on the University Services’ web page.

Study Services is responsible for support duties and services regarding studies and teaching. The services for students are described on their web page.

Study Services for the students of medicine are located in the E-wing, on the second floor of the Arvo building. General counselling on study-related  matters is provided by:

Head of Study Affairs Nina Pietilä
tel. 050 303 4276

Study Secretary Virpi Sirén
tel. 050 318 6678

Restaurant services

Juvenes student restaurant and Café Lea are located on the first floor of the Arvo building.

Juvenes restaurant opening hours
Mon–Thu 8–18
Fri 8–15

Café Lea opening hours
Mon–Fri 10.30–14

Mailing and telefax

The common mailing room A106 for the A, B and C -wings is located in the A-wing, on the first floor of the Arvo building, next to entrance B. The mailing room is for both incoming and outgoing mail. The Administration’s outgoing mail is located in the C-wing, on the second floor of the Arvo building.

In D-wing, there are two mailing rooms per floor on floors 2-5, one on each side of the hallway. There are also four mailing rooms on the third floor of the F-wing.

Mailing rooms also include print and copy machines.

Tampere Centre for Skills Training and Simulation

The Tampere Centre for Skills Training and Simulation is a simulation area for training different scenarios in medical help and emergencies. The centre is located on the ground floor of the Arvo building.

The Centre for Skills Training and Simulation is owned and used by the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Pirkanmaa Hospital District. The scenarios trained in the centre can include, for example, action at the scene of an accident or in the emergency room. Emergencies, surgeries, intensive and hospital care, childbirth and children’s healthcare can be trained in the centre with the help of computer simulations. The actions can be monitored in real time on screens in the lecture hall.

Medical students and different groups and professionals in healthcare can practice their skills at the centre.


Tampere University Library is a scientific library open to everyone. The library services primarily support teaching and research conduted at the University of Tampere. The Linna Library is located on the main campus and the Arvo Library on the Kauppi campus.

The Arvo Library is located on the ground floor of the Arvo building, next to entrance D.

For more information on library cards, books, a list of service fees and library regulations and instructions, please visit the Library’s website.

Unipoli Sport

Unipoli Sport provides high-quality, versatile and equal sports services for university students and personnel in the Tampere region. You can use sports services on three campuses for just one fee.

Unipoli Sport offers sport services on three campuses: at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in the Hervanta area, at Tampere University of Applied sciences (TAMK) in the Kauppi area, and on the main campus of the University of Tampere (UTA) in the Tampere central area. All campuses offer a variety of sports services: gyms, group exercise, ball games, courses and personal services.

Nearest to the University of Tampere’s Kauppi campus and Arvo building are TAMK’s Unipoli Sport facilities. The facilities house a gym, sports hall, climbing wall and a group exercise room. In addition, there are also a ping-pong table and a ski maintenance room. More information on the facilities, opening hours and contact information, please see the Unipoli Sport website.

L-building gym, sports hall and group exercise room
Kuntokatu 3
33520 Tampere
See the map of TAMK.

More information on Unipoli Sport’s facilities on their website.

LAS’s Order Centre

LAS’s Order Centre is part of the Laboratory Services on the Kauppi campus. University employees can order laboratory equipment for the University’s research and teaching laboratories from the Order Centre. Laboratory services also include the cleaning and maintenance of laboratory equipment.

The Order Centre is located on the first floor of the Arvo building, E-wing.

More information on the Laboratory Services’ website.


Laboratory product supplier Citylab is located on the 1st floor of the Arvo building, next to the main entrance (A).

Arvo floor by floor

Ground floor

  • Arvo Library
  • The Centre for Skills Training and Simulation

1st floor

  • Juvenes Restaurant
  • Café Lea
  • House managers and info desk, E-wing
  • It Helpdesk, E-wing
  • Mailing room A106 for A, B and C-wings
  • Student Services, E-wing
  • LAS Order Centre
  • Citylab

2nd floor

  • Administration’s outgoing mail, C-wing
  • Human resources and services for financial and research administration, C-wing
  • Mailing rooms for D-wing: D253, D254

3rd floor

  • Mailing rooms for D-wing: D353, D354
  • Mailing rooms for F-wing: F340, F352, F360, and F365

4th floor

  • Mailing rooms for D-wing: D453, D454

5th floor

  • Mailing rooms for D-wing: D553, D554
  • LAS Administration, D-wing


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