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Doctoral Studies

All three doctoral degrees offered at the School of Medicine consist of the following components:

  • 30 ECTS of coursework
  • Doctoral dissertation and its public defence.

PERSONAL STUDY PLAN for doctoral students who have received their study right on 1 August 2015 or after

Personal study plan is an important and compulsory part of the application for doctoral studies. The Scientific Postgraduate Committee evaluates the plan, which must adhere to the curriculum for doctoral studies at the School of Medicine. According to the curriculum, the grand total of 30 ECTS should be divided into two categories:

1.      General Doctoral Studies 6–10 ECTS

The student must complete a minimum of 6 ECTS of studies related to general research skills. These studies must include a course on research ethics and a course on academic writing/publishing. The student can choose the courses from the University of Tampere Doctoral School or seek for other equivalent options.

2.      Doctoral Studies agreed upon with the Supervisor 20–24 ECTS

The goal of these studies is to offer the student in-depth familiarization with the field of research in question and the research methods related to it. The studies should support the doctoral dissertation project as much as possible.

The doctoral student must complete at least 6 ECTS of general doctoral studies while bearing in mind that the overall 30 ECTS requirement must also be fulfilled. For example, if the student has completed 6 ECTS in the category of general research skills, he/she must plan additional studies agreed upon with the supervisor worth of 24 ECTS.

Postgraduate studies outside of Kauppi campus

In addition to the postgraduate courses offered at the Kauppi campus (by the School of Medicine, the School of Health Sciences and the BioMediTech), students may take relevant postgraduate courses offered by other Schools or Universities or the University of Tampere's Doctoral School.

More information about the courses offered by the Doctoral School.

Please note that the lead supervisor must always approve the studies.

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