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Hannu Uusitalo, MD, PhD 
gsm  040 190 1214

Address: School of Medicine, ARVO building B229, FI-33014 University of Tampere
Lab address: FM3, 6th floor, Biokatu 10, 33520 Tampere

Other personnel:

Aapola Ulla, PhD 045 322 6772
Beuerman Roger, professor (FiDiPro) 050 318 6318
Hemminki Virpi, MD

Hietanen Elina, optometrist

040 190 1213

Igalaan Tuuli, MD
Jylhä Antti, MSc 050 412 3972
Koskela Maija, lab. technician 050 318 6318
Kööbi Peeter, clinical teacher, LT
Latvala Marja-Leena, MD
Lähdekorpi Saara, lab. technician 050 318 6318
Mäkinen Petri, MD
Parkkari Minna, MD
Pietilä Juhani, MD, PhD, docent
Salminen Lotta, professor emerita
Suviola Mikael, clinical teacher, MD
Uusitalo-Järvinen Hannele, MD, PhD 050 318 6327
Vaajanen Anu, MD, PhD


The research group at the University of Tampere Ophthalmology unit concentrates on translational and clinical eye and vision research. Translational research is carried out in the Finn-Medi 3 building, postal address Biokatu 10.  In the same building research group also has a clinical research laboratory where Phase I-IV clinical trials can be run. The research group has in vitro and in vivo disease models for research on age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma and for diseases due to deviant retinal angiogenesis (diabetic retinopathy, wet age-related macular degeneration, retinopathy of prematurity). Models are also utilized in ocular pharmacology. The research group also has ongoing several research and development projects based on ophthalmic imaging and numerous clinical studies.

The Center for Proteomics and Personalized Medicine, PPM

Proteins and associated molecules enabling cell metabolism represent the highest form of gene expression, and in addition they characterize cells and tissues in health and disease. The Center for Proteomics and Personalized Medicine, PPM, located at the School of Medicine in the Department of Ophthalmology established with a FiDiPro grant from TEKES has as a primary objective the discovery of biomarkers of disease that can be used for diagnosis and response to treatment. PPM will work with all areas of medicine needing proteomic and metabolomic insights into disease processes. Quantified biomarkers are used for in individual patients for personalized medicine as objective aids to diagnosis and to evaluate the response to treatment. The Center has broad proteomics and metabolomic capabilities offering analysis for small and large-scale studies, including clinical trials as well as assistance in experimental design. PPM instrumentation provides rapid throughput and high sensitivity, the Center has quantitative capabilities including iTRAQ for discovery proteomics and SWATH and MRM for absolute quantitation. Center Personnel includes FiDiPro Roger Beuerman, Head; Hannu Uusitalo, Chairman of the Department; Antti Jylhä, Mass Spectrometry Specialist; Saara Lähdekorpi Lab Technician; Ulla Aapola, Center Manager.

Research and Development Center for Ophthalmic Innovations, SILK

Research and Development Center for Ophthalmic Innovations, SILK operates under School of Medicine/Department of Ophthalmology. The aim is to set up a comprehensive national and international co-operation network whose operations are intended to promote the birth of innovations in eye and vision research and their application for the use of patients. More information at

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