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Antti Paakkala

Research projects at the Department of Radiology of Tampere University Hospital

Medical industry is performing several research studies concerning mostly cancer medicine, but also medication for Parkinson's disease. For these purposes Department of Radiology is performing imaging follow-up studies with different imaging modalities to show the effect of test medicine. These projects are done in co-operation with Research Centre of Tampere University Hospital.

The neuroradiological division of Department of Radiology is focusing on the imaging of neurotrauma in a project of Professor Juha Öhman and researcher Teemu Luoto. There are several multidisciplinary co-operators in this work including neuropsychology, neurosciences, urology, clinical chemistry and statistics. The aim of this work is to examine long term prognosis of head trauma patients. The researchers participating in this project at the Department of Radiology are adjunct Professor Prasun Dastidar, Anneli Kataja, MD, and Antti Brander, MD.

In collaboration with Turku Pet Centre and Professor Juha Rinne and researcher Terhi Tuokkola, MD, we are studying normal ageing, cognitive brain functions and the etiology and pathophysiology and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. The PET imaging is still the golden standard in diagnosis of Alzheimer´s disease, but at the Department of Radiology we are working together with researchers Kisri Holli-Helenius and Minna Sikiö to find with texture analysis early way to detect Alzheimer´s disease on MR images. We are also together with adjunct professor Vesa Kiviniemi from Oulu University Hospital starting work of evaluating the value of resting state fMRI in normal volunteers and patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease and try to find out if resting state fMRI could be used in early diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment. In collaboration with Professor Hannu Eskola´s group we are also diffusion tensor analysis of brain images of patients susceptible to get Alzheimer´s disease. This work is done by researcher Tero Ilvesmäki, who is doing TBSS analysis of the diffusion tensor images of these patients´ brains.

Professor Riitta Parkkola is participating in a research project of Department of Pediatrics of Turku University Hospital. In that project about 250 preterm infants are imaged with MR at term age with conventional MR sequences and also with diffusion tensor imaging. The children are carefully followed clinically and because the project started already at 2004, we are aiming to image the brains of the children with MR again at the age of 10 years and compare the routine MR images and diffusion tensor images with the clinical outcome features.

Together with researchers of Department of Neurology there is a research project of adjunct Professor Prasun Dastidar, the aim of which is to examine sleep apnea. He together with doctor Tuula Vierikko participates a research project lead by Professor Pirkko Kellokumpu-Lehtinen. This project concentrates on MR imaging of prostate carcinoma and the benefits of new MR techniues like diffusion imaging and dynamic imaging in assessing the extent of the tumour.

In breast imaging research we are working with the group of adjunct Professor Ilkka Koskivuo and researcher Nina Bruck from Turku University Hospital on female breast ductal carcinoma. We have catered a group of 50 females with ductal carcinoma and have done pre-operative mammography, core needle biopsy, MR mammography with diffusion imaging and dynamic contrast enhanced imaging as well as post-operative sample imaging of the deceased breast. Together with researchers of Tampere University Hospital Annukka Salminen, MD and  Irina Rinta-Kiikka, MD, we are examining the characteristics of ductal carcinoma on MR images. In collaboration with Professor Hannu Eskola and his group in Tampere Technical University we are doing texture analysis of ductal breast carcinoma MR images, the work is done by researcher Kirsi Holli-Helenius. In the field of body imaging Irina Rinta-kiikka, MD, is working in a Scandinavian Work-Group that is collecting cystic pancreas tumours and she is writing together with researchers from Turku University Hospital articles about pancreas tumours.

Department of Radiology is participating in the work of adjunct Professor Timo Laitio from Turku University Hospital, the work of which is focused on preventing brain damage after cardiac arrest. This project is a multi-centre study that is already going on in Helsinki and Turku University Hospitals and also Cambridge University (Professor David Menon), Univercisty of California, San Francisco (Professor Mervyn Maze). The post cardiac arrest imaging of these patients just gort ethical permission from Tampere University Hospital´s Ethical Board, so the project expands to Tampere, too.

At the fild of musculoskeletal imaging the research projects lad by adjunct Professor Antti Paakkala are concentrating on knee cruciate ligament imaging. There are also projects that examine patello-femoral joint and a multi-centre study lead by Professor Markku Järvinen that concentrates on humeral displacement. Radiologist Tommi Kiekara is now finishing his doctoral thesis on cruciate ligament damages.

In the field of Iterventional Radiology the main focus is on brain artery trombectomy research lead by Niko Sillanpää, MD. This group is next concentrating on the work of visceral bleedings and the treatment methods as well as prognosis of this disease.


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