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Timo Peltomäki, DDS, PhD, Specialist in Orthodontics
tel. +358 (0)40 566 8056

dosentti, HLT, FT Mataleena ParikkaInfection Biology

Ongoing research projects:

1) 3-dimensional craniofacial imaging

The aim of this project is to develop 3-dimensional imaging in the craniofacial area based on CBCT and MRI, to apply the 3D method in orthognathic surgical treatment planning and surgery, and to study changes in the upper airway volume and airway resistance following orthognathic surgery.

Research group: Timo Peltomäki (group leader), Raphael Patcas (PhD, co-researcher, University of Zurich, Switzerland), Risto Jaanimets (PhD student at the Finnish Doctoral Program in Oral Sciences) and Jukka Kurimo (PhD student).

The aim of the research consortium "Development of a dynamic model of upper airways for treatment of sleep apnoea" (founded fall 2013) is to study and model upper airway and its changes following different treatments, particularly in sleep apnoea.

Principal investigators of the consortium are prof. Hannu Eskola and prof. Reijo Kouhia (Tampere Technical University), docent Prasun Dastidar (Tampere University Hospital) and Timo Peltomäki.

2) Clinical, radiological and patient-related outcome in orthognathic surgery

The aim of this project is to study outcome of orthognathic surgical treatment from the clinical, radiological and patient-related point of view. The project is made partly in collaboration with Turku University Hospital and University of Turku, Finland.

Research group: Timo Peltomäki (principal investigator), Jaakko Paunonen (PhD student), Nina Bergkulla (research related to the specialist education in oral and maxillofacial surgery), Outi Alanko (psychologist PhD student), Martti Tuomisto (professor in psychology, University of Tampere) and Anna-Liisa Svedström-Oristo (PhD, principal investigator, University of Turku).

3) Breathing and craniofacial and occlusal growth and development

The aim of this project is to study the effect of impaired breathing and its treatment (adenotonsillectomy, orthodontics) on craniofacial and occlusal development.

Research group: Timo Peltomäki (group leader), Markus Rautiainen (co-leader, professor in ENT, University of Tampere) and Pekka Niemi (PhD student).

4) Headgear therapy in Class II malocclusion

The aim of this project is to study the effect of headgear therapy with different force duration in Class II malocclusion.

Research group: Timo Peltomäki (supervisor), Susanna Karsila (PhD, co-researcher, Institute of Dentistry, University of Turku) and Tuula Talvitie (PhD student). The project is carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Dentistry, University of Turku.

5) Leakage and permeability control in dentistry

The aim of this project is to develop a reliable method to study leakage and permeability of different dental materials.

Research group: Timo Peltomäki (supervisor), Patrick Schmidlin (supervisor, professor in Periodontology, University of Zurich, Switzerland) and Anas Al-Jadaa (PhD student, University of Zurich, Switzerland).

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