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After fulfilling its mission, ICL and this website closes, but many of us continue to work on early child development in a new project (see

Our new project and site can be found Statistical analysis of eye tracking data. Guest lecture by Anna-Kaisa Ylitalo (National Resources Institute Finland), 20.9.2018, 13.15-14.15 (Place: Arvo D503, Arvo Ylpön katu 34)

Infants have a strong tendency to look at faces. A new longitudinal study from ICL examined how this attentional bias is associated with early social development. 4.7.2018

Kindling curiosity with 6th grade students. ICL visits Koskenmäki Elementary school to have students focus on the science of early child development a day before summer holidays 1.6.2018                  

drop, gazeanalysislib, and eegtool in  github

Tampereen lyseon lukio high school students visit ICL 29.3.2016 

Maria Olkkonen in BioMediTech seminar series: "Is that banana yellow? Learning and memory in color perception". Tue 22.3.2016 10.00-11.00 FM5 auditorium

ICL software package repository published at GitHub 7.1.2016

Neonate cry study in YLE Akuutti 7.12.2015

Tampere Center for Child Health Research aims to bear fruit in the study of infant development. UTA research news 3.12.2015

Processing signals of health. Guest lecture by Prof. Tuomas Virtanen in TACCH seminar series, Finn-Medi 3 (Biokatu 10), 3rd floor, meeting room. Coffee at 15:00, lecture at 15:10.

A step towards automatic post-hoc eye tracker calibration correction via an optimal affine transformation estimator in JavaScript and Python 28 Oct 2015

Towards scalable methods of assessing early childhood development, Jukka Leppänen in Development 2.0 Seminar: ICT4D2.0 9.10.2015

Field test demonstrates feasibility of eye tracking method to assess infant cognitive function in rural Malawi 30.9.2015

Eletina Chilora and Allan Wadi from University of Malawi College of Medicine visit ICL 16-29.4.2015 to receive training on infant eye tracking for the MiTrack study

Tone Kristine Hermansen from University of Oslo visits ICL 8-25.4.2015

A new study examines neonatal cry for markers of health and development (Uta research news 25.11.2014)

A short video introduction to Eegtool-interface, optimized for the analysis of EEG/ERP data from infants 1.10.2014

The feasibility of infant eye tracking in low resource settings, a lecture by Dr. Linda Forssman at Eye Tracking Masterclass for Behavioral Research 30.10.2014

Events in early brain activity.  Guest lecture by Dr. Sampsa Vanhatalo 13.3.2014

ICL research in Prisma studio, YLE 4.3.2014

Gaze-analysis Matlab-toolbox gazeAnalysisLib with the disengagement analysis script released 22.1.2014

TACC seminar series spring, 2014 16.1.2014

Interventions in infancy – Does it matter what we do? 11.12.2013

Lasten terveyden tutkimuskeskus tukee tervettä kasvua 29.11.2013

EEG-analysis Matlab-toolbox Eegtool released 26.3.2013

What factors guide how attention is allocated in naturalistic settings? Guest lecture by Dr. Sam Wass

Tampereen Yliopistoon lasten terveyden tutkimuskeskus Tampereen Yliopisto, 29.10.2012

Child development researchers meet in Tampere to establish a Nordic research network (Uta, Research News 22.8.2012)

Jo pieni vauva havainnoi, tulkitsee ja oppii A Propos, 19.4.2012

Geneettisiä eroja vauvojen tarkkaavaisuudessa ja sosiaalisessa vuorovaikutuksessa Lääkärilehti, 22.3.2011

Vauvatutkimukseen otetaan lisää lapsia Yle Tampere

Euroopan tutkimusneuvoston rahoitusta vauvojen havaintokykyyn liittyvään tutkimukseen Tampereen Yliopisto, 19.9.2011

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