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MD PhD Program for Medical Students

The 8th Science Day of the Kauppi Campus will be held on Thursday 11.2.2016 at the Arvo-building's Jarmo Visakorpi-auditorium.

The Science Day is worth 1,0 ECTS for members of audience and  for presenters. Presenters give an oral presentation or present a poster. For members of audience, attending the presentations and the panel discussion as well as writing and returning a learning diary is required to get the credits.

Guidelines for the learning diaries:

The main idea of a learning diary is to reflect on what you have heard, what key insights and information the presentation/panel discussion provided about its subject matter as well as what questions, ideas and thoughts the presentation/panel discussion raised for you. The diary does not have to be a cohesive essay-like piece of writing. You may write your diary in English or in Finnish. However, it is advisable to write it in the language of the day i.e. in English. Although there is no deadline as such for the return of the diaries, it is recommendable that you write and return your diary soon afterwards while things are still fresh in your memory. You can return your diary either by e-mail or post to the teaching coordinator Katja Hildén (

Guidelines for oral presentations:

The oral presentation should be approximately 10-12 minutes long followed by max 5 minute discussion. Before the student's presentation, the head or some other member of the research group has the possibility to give a short few minute introduction to the group. The maximum time allocated is 20 minutes (introduction+presentation+discussion). The presenters should be present at least 5 minutes before their session to copy the necessary files to the computer.

Guidelines for posters:

The poster stands are 78 cm wide and 116 cm long so the posters should be prepared to fit within these limits.

Guidelines for abstracts:

  • Length: Maximum 500 words
  • Format: Times New Roman, font size 12, single spacing
  • Indicate the name of the presenter and their contact information
  • Indicate whether the abstract is for an oral presentation or a poster



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