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General information

The Memornet doctoral programme is coordinated by the School of Information Sciences (SIS) in Tampere University. It is an essential part of the Memornet network, a national forum for researchers of memory functions. The doctoral programme trains researchers in information studies, archive studies, museology and related disciplines to be capable of identifying changes in memory function and to react to these.

Collaborative universities, research centers and other organizations:

National Archives

The National Library of Finland

The Finnish Museum of Photography

University of Jyväskylä. Department of Art and Cultural Studies. Museology

The National Board of Antiquities

University of Oulu. Faculty of Humanities

Finnish Literature Society

University of Tampere. School of Information Sciences. Information studies and

interactive media

University of Turku. Faculty of Humanities. Department of History

Finnish Social Science Data Archive

Åbo Akademi. Information studies

Åbo Akademi. History

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