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Jaakko Kuorikoski

Jaakko KuorikoskiI defended my PhD on theoretical philosophy in 2010 at the University of Helsinki. The dissertation developed conceptual tools for the clarification and evaluation of model-based explanations in the social sciences. Following this, I have worked as a post-doctoral researcher, lecturer in theoretical philosophy, and as a professor of social and moral philosophy at the University of Helsinki.

My specialization is in philosophy of economics and philosophy of social sciences, and I have published widely on scientific explanation, modeling, simulation, and causal reasoning. My current research interests concern the use of different kinds of evidence in the social sciences, especially the use of research synthesis methods for integrating diverse evidence for further research as well as for policy.

I’m an advocate of the methodological school of analytical sociology and my hope is that the concept of social mechanism will assist in bringing together the currently distinct synthesis methods for quantitative and qualitative research. I am also a principal investigator in an ERA-NET research project on the social scientific relevance of neuroscience, with neuroscience of addiction and neuroeconomics as case studies.

In 2016 I received the Jutikkala Prize for early-career achievement in the humanities and the social sciences.

Eeva Luhtakallio

Eeva LuhtakallioI am a sociologist with a focus on: democracy and citizenship as practices; processes of politicization and collective action, and; pragmatist theorizing of political engagements. I specialize in developing and combining methodological approaches, in particular those of ethnographic research, visual sociology, and most recently computer assisted big data crawling.

My work has had a strong comparative lens throughout. My recent projects include analyzing the impact of civil society on climate politics in several national and local contexts, and tracing the habits and practices of avoiding politics in urban contexts marked by low participation and high marginalization. I lead the Citizens in the Making research group, mapping the future landscapes of Finnish political culture by way of a multi-sited study of young people’s political engagements.

I am editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology.

Thomas Olsson

Thomas Ollson

My research is on the fields of human-technology interaction and computer-supported cooperative work, focusing on the experiential and social implications of information technology and research through design. I address questions like how to design socially aware and acceptable information technology; what kind of forms does interpersonal communication take in the digital era; how to meaningfully enhance social interaction with the help of ICT, and; how to steer digitalization with social scientific knowledge. Currently I lead a project about matchmaking of knowledge workers based on analytics of Big Social Data. My earlier research topics cover mobile augmented reality and other emerging paradigms of human-computer interaction, design and evaluation of user experience, ubiquitous and wearable computing, multi-device and multi-user interaction, and playfulness of ICT.

Before joining the NSR programme as an associate professor I was an adjunct professor and post-doctoral researcher at Tampere University of Technology, having worked at TUT since 2006. Additionally, I worked a few years in user experience consultancy Suuntaamo Oy, establishing the company, running research cases and gaining valuable insights into the Finnish software industry. As part of international activities, I've been a visiting research at University of Stuttgart and University of Oldenburg.

I have authored over 80 publications in international forums, including top-tier conferences, such as CHI and CSCW, as well as internationally recognized journals. I have supervised several doctoral students and taught in an international Master's programme.

Olli Pyyhtinen

Olli PyyhtinenBefore joining the NSR programme, I was a Professor of Sociology at the University of Tampere from August 2014. Prior to that, I obtained my doctorate in sociology from the University of Turku in 2009 and subsequently worked as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and later also as a Research Fellow at the Turku Institute of Advanced Studies.

Broadly, my work intersects social theory, philosophy, science and technology studies, economic sociology, and the study of art. In the past, I have worked on topics such as the notion and constitution of the social, matter and the world of materials, the gift, hospitality, and the art world.

I am the author of Simmel and ‘the Social’ (2010), The Gift and Its Paradoxes (2014) and More-than-Human Sociology (2015), and one of the authors of Disruptive Tourism and Its Untidy Guests (2014; with S. Veijola, J. Germann Molz, E. Höckert and A. Grit). I also edited the volume The Anthem Compaion to Georg Simmel (2016) together with Thomas Kemple, and my next book, The Simmelian Legacy: A Science of Relations, will be published later this year.

I am currently working on a project on the moral economy of waste, exploring the connections between value, ethics, and waste matter. I am also the editor-in-chief of the Finnish national sociology journal Sosiologia, and an editorial board member of the journals Simmel Studies, Digithum and the Canadian Review of Sociology.


Ali Qadir

Ali QadirMy research centres on global and transnational sociology, especially global social change through epistemic governance in our era of modernity. In this field, I have been examining national policy-making, higher education reform, global religion, and moral authorities in political discourse. The work contributes to building a neoinstitutionalist theoretical framework of epistemic governance and power. Additionally, I have worked on global radicalization in Islam, cross-cultural religious images, and social development. Presently, I hold an Academy of Finland research grant to study ‘Morality in Politics’ and also teach and supervise students in the Master's Degree on Global & Transnational Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

I was awarded my doctorate in social sciences from the University of Tampere in 2012 for my study on modernity in higher education reform in colonial India and in Pakistan. Besides my scholarly research and teaching, I have a dozen years of experience in social, political, and environmental development in international civil society. I have also published two-dozen works for general and professional communities, including briefs for policymakers.

I am an active member of the Tampere research group for Cultural & Political Sociology. Since 2016, I hold the Title of Docent in Ethnic Relations at the Swedish School of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, and since 2013 am Honorary Fellow at the Center for the Study of Gender & Culture, Pakistan. I am also member of the European Sociological Association’s Research Network on Global & Transnational Sociology, various associations for sociology and sociology of religion, and am on the editorial board of the European Journal of Cultural & Political Sociology as well as of the European Journal of Cultural Studies.

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