Network/Online Studies

The University of Tampere is part of a network that offers a whole range of flexible study opportunities, combining the expertise available at a number of different universities. As a degree student you can choose these modules as your elective studies.


The Finnish University Network for Asian Studies (Asianet) offers online courses at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level. All tuition is organised through the Moodle online learning environment. The courses comprise lectures, book exams, online exercises and essays. The courses are free to students of the network’s member universities.

Asian Programme – minor studies is a multidisciplinary bachelor’s level programme offering comprehensive basic information about Asia for anyone whose study or career plans are related to the area. The programme will familiarise students with East, Southeast and South Asian societies, cultures and business economics.

The Mini Minor minor programme offers students the opportunity to undertake a 10 credit minor, deepening their knowledge of one geographical area of Asia. The Mini Minor combines bachelor’s and master’s level courses on the same theme. The courses are free to students of the network’s member universities.

Master's level courses provide the student with advanced knowledge on topic areas related to Asia, and also support the student in the writing of their master’s thesis. The courses are free to students of the network’s member universities.

Circumpolar Studies

Detailed information is coming soon. For more information, please see: Participate in Circumpolar Studies and Core Course Materials.

Co-op Network Studies

Co-op Network Studies is a university network, established in 2005, offering students multidisciplinary studies in co-operative and social economy, as well as developing research and teaching in the field. At the core of the studies the network provides are the idea of cooperation and cooperative business models. The network is coordinated by the University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute in Mikkeli. The courses are provided in collaboration with other network universities and experts in cooperation and collective economy.

Co-op Network Studies modules

Finland Futures Academy

Finland Futures Academy (FFA) is a national university study and research network focusing on futures research. The network is coordinated by the University of Turku’s Finland Futures Research Centre and features 10 member universities, one of which is the University of Tampere.

Futures study programme 25 credits

UniPID - Finnish University Partnership for International Development

UniPID - Finnish University Partnership for International Development is a Finnish university network supporting the realisation of universities’ global responsibility objectives. UniPID strengthens and promotes multidisciplinary global development-related education, research and universities’ social impact. UniPID supports global development related education in particular by coordinating virtual courses on sustainable development, supporting the education of Finnish doctoral students specialising in sustainable development, and by presenting an annual Master’s Award in Development Studies.

UniPID supports research collaboration and researcher networking between member universities, both within Finland and with international partners. Through UniPID, member universities can also partake in national and international research and development policy debate, with a view to strengthening the role of higher education and research in development work, and influencing the national and international research agenda on global challenges.

UniPID virtual studies - Sustainability in Development (25 ECTS)

You can browse the course selection on the UniPID website where you also enroll to the courses.

The programme comprises a diverse range of five-credit virtual courses that are free to all students of UniPID member universities and suitable as part of both bachelor’s and master’s level degrees. Students can also complete a 25-credit minor course entitled Sustainability in Development. The courses are provided via an easy-to-use virtual learning platform.

When you have taken a UniPID course, you will need a transcript of records from the organizing university (excl. UTA) in order to transfer the credits to your UTA studies. UniPID credit transfers and module grades (min. 25 ECTS of UniPID courses) are handled in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Contact: Faculty of Social Sciences / study coordinator Anna Wansén-Kaseva