Internship Practices at the Faculties

Faculty of Communication Sciences

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Management

The goals of an internship are

  1.  to familiarize the intern with the common duties and challenges within their future line of work
  2. to develop the capability to implement the knowledge gained during their studies to practical problems and issues at work
  3. to get to know the organization and its operations as well as to the principles guiding them.

Internship practices may differ in different Master’s degree programmes. To get the up to date information on internship practices in your programme, please contact your internship contact person.

Students who already have suitable work experience have a possibility to apply for substitution for a (compulsory) internship with prior experience.

Financial aid for the internship

The internship grant can be applied online, the electronical form (E-lomake) will be activated in the beginning of the application period. The grant can only be applied by the students of the Faculty of Management.

The application period is 1.-31.12.2017. The student does not need to have an internship position before applying for the grant. The decisions on the grants will be made by mid-January 2018.

Students with mandatory internship as a part of their studies have priority to receive the grant. Students are entitled to the grant only once.

If a student has been issued the grant but he/she is not able to use it, the student has to cancel the grant at once. This way the grant can be passed on to the next student on the waiting list.

For more information, please contact the internship contact person of your Master’s Degree Programme.

The university does not award grants for all types of internships. Please make sure, you have read the university’s general policies regarding internships and grants.

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Natural Sciences

As a student of the Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics, you can include an internship period in your studies. An internship is a period of guided employment in a position related to your field of study.

As a student of the Degree Programme in Computer Sciences, you can include an intermediate studies-level internship in the master’s degree module for other studies. Internships are voluntary and enable you to practically apply your skills in computer sciences.

The Faculty’s internship course units in the curriculum guide

Internship grant

A specific internship grant fund is earmarked annually for degree students in Mathematics and Statistics and Computer Sciences to participate in voluntary practical training related to their studies. In 2017, both degree programmes distributed €1,800/person to eleven students.

Internship grants can be applied for as specified in the application notice published on the Student’s Desktop. The application periods usually take place between December and January. The internship grant is intended to cover a part of the student’s pay, which is why the grants are distributed before the busiest period of internship applications. You can also complete an internship and gain the related credits without an internship grant.

You should also take the time to study the University’s general policies on internship grants carefully!

Topical information

  • Application period for internship grants for 2018 is 1.12.2017-15.1.2018. The decision will be made in week 5. Apply by filling an eForm  by Monday 15th of January 2018
  • The internship grants for 2017 were distributed in February. Some grant money was left over, so an additional round of applications was held in the autumn. The decisions were made in week 41. All applicants were notified regarding the outcome of their application.

Internship grant criteria

Precedence is given to students who had not had a prior opportunity to accumulate work experience in their respective fields. Financial aid can only be granted to a degree programme’s own students (students who are completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree or a master’s degree only). Part of the internship grant fund is reserved for the degree programme’s international degree students (including Human-Technology Interaction).

In addition to the above, the following criteria were applied in grant distribution:

  • phase of studies,
  • amount of studies completed in one’s own degree programme,
  • degree studies in total,
  • academic performance
  • the possibility of linking the internship credits to the degree (master’s degree studies in TIE, master’s programme/specialisation must be selected) – the recommended time for the internship for bachelor’s and master’s degree students is the third or fourth year of studies.

Applying for an internship position and completing an internship

You must secure your internship position independently and agree upon the practicalities with the internship contact person and employer. You must also ensure the suitability of the internship position with the contact person beforehand in the event that the position is not clearly aimed at students of your field.

Separate instructions are available on the internship agreement and matters related to the internship grant and pay. In addition to the work tasks involved, completing an internship period includes the preparation of reports in the manner agreed upon with the contact person.

You can also complete an internship without a grant, in which case the employer must cover the full amount of your pay. This is considered to be a “normal” job, which can be eligible for credits towards the internship course unit if certain conditions are met.

Available internship positions are listed on the website, for example.

More information on internships is also available on the Internship pages of the Study Guide.

Internship abroad

You can also complete an internship abroad within Europe (Erasmus internship) or elsewhere. The University of Tampere provides financial aid for international internships. For further information, see the Internship Abroad page of the Study Guide.

Internship contact persons

More information on internships can be obtained from internship contact persons.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Internships in the international master’s degree programmes of the Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC) are either a compulsory or a voluntary part of the degree. The practices and requirements for the content and length vary - when you are planning to include an internship to your degree studies, please contact your programme coordinator.

Internship course unit descriptions in each programme:
MDP in Comparative Social Policy and Welfare
MDP in Gender Studies
MDP in Global and Transnational Sociology
MDP in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research
MDP in Public and Global Health
MDP in Quantitative Social Research/Public Choice
MDP in Russian and European Studies

Financing your internship 

If you are planning to apply for an internship that requires other financing than the salary paid by your employer, or if the employer requires additional funding from the university, you may be eligible to apply for example: 

1) Financial aid from the Faculty (to a Finnish employer)
2) Erasmus work placement grant (for work placements in Europe, excl. Finland)
3) university's travel grant for work placements (for work placements abroad)

1) Applying for financial aid from the Faculty

Please note that the information below DOES NOT apply to MDP in Public and Global Health!

Financial aid is issued annually for a certain number of internships. In 2017, funding was issued  for 22 internships in the SOC international master's programmes, 1800 euros per internship.  The amount of funding/year is decided by the Rector.

The online application round for internship grants is annually in December - January. You will be notified about the application round via Students' Desktop and possibly in the programme Moodle groups.

All the students planning to work with the internship grant during the year 2018, must apply for the grant during the application round. You do not need to have an internship place secured when applying.

1.1) Who is eligible for the financial aid? What kind of internship can be financed?

The financial aid must be applied for during the general online application round. Eligible is an applicant who is a degree student of a SOC international degree programme and has not used the university financial aid for any internship before.

The content of the intended internship must meet the programme requirements and the general policies regarding internship must be followed.

Financial aid, or the internship grant, can only be paid for internships under a Finnish employer and it is meant to cover a part of the salary paid by the employer. Financial aid cannot be issued for non-paid internships. The employer receiving the financial aid agrees to pay the intern a minimum monthly salary, also stipulated in the general policies regarding internships.

Contact for financial aid application round: coordinator of international education, Anna Wansén-Kaseva
Contact for internship practices: programme coordinators