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Taking Studies

This page is for everyone who pursue studies at the University of Tampere.

Studies can be completed in many ways. The ways in which specific course units can be completed are indicated in the curricula of the curriculum guides while the more detailed practical implementations are specified in the teaching schedules.

There are plenty of options, such as:

  • lectures
  • exam
  • independent work (for example writing an essay or lecture diary)
  • group work
  • small group education
  • exercises
  • seminars
  • reading circles

The most common way of completing a course is to attend lectures and take the exam held at the end. More details on taking exams.

Completed course units

The course teacher or other teacher who receives the coursework (exam, essay, etc.) evaluates it and submits the results to the faculty’s study administration, which records the completed course units in the study register. The results and grades will be listed on the Student’s Desktop and NettiOpsu on the following day after recording. Completed course units for open university students are shown on NettiRekka.

Specifics on result publication are provided in the Regulations on the Assessment of Studies. They list more detailed information about matters such as when results should be published, how long they will be available for, and how they will be published. The regulations also address assessment, result retainment and procedure in unclear situations.

Study attainments on the Student’s Desktop

You can view your completed course units on the Student’s Desktop page and the NettiRekka section for completed course units. You can sort the course units by order of completion or by study programme/discipline. If a course unit appears to be missing or you notice incorrect information, please contact the faculty that organised the studies.

You can order an unofficial transcript of records in PDF format to your desired e-mail address through the Student’s Desktop or the NettiRekka section for completed course units. Read more about transcripts of records.