Exam Enrolment in NettiOpsu

Only students who are enrolled as present at the University of Tampere and who have a University of Tampere Basic User Account can enrol on courses in NettiOpsu. Students enrolled as absent may not enrol on courses.

Please see further instructions on enrolment for the academic year.

Electronic exam enrolment in NettiOpsu is only used by some of the University faculties, and only those facultiesare listed under Exams in NettiOpsu.

On the faculty page are listed all exams on which it is possible to enrol. Further information on exams.

N.B! Examinations to be taken electronically: reservation via Electronic Exam service only!

Due to system updates, there may be short periods during night time when the exam lists cannot be accessed.

How to Enrol on an Exam?

  1. Sign in to NettiOpsu using your Basic User Account.

  2. Under Exam Enrolment in NettiOpsu, choose the faculty which arranges the exam.

  3. On the faculty page, find the exam you wish to enrol on and click on the exam name OR the +-button.

  4. On the detailed information page that follows, click on the link To enrolment.

  5. If the exam includes books, you will be asked to write the titles and authors of the books to be examined. Also, on this screen please mention any special arrangements you may have made beforehand with the examiner regarding the exam. Remember to mention also with whom and when this arrangement has been made. If the exam does not include books or you have not made any special arrangements, please leave the fields empty.

  6. Click on Enrol to complete your enrolment.

  7. Once you have enrolled on an exam it is possible to change or cancel the enrolment.

N.B. The enrolment period always ends 7 days before the exam with the exception of summer exams when the enrolment period ends 14 days prior to the exam. Once the enrolment period has ended, it is not possible to enrol on the exam.

Checking and Cancelling Exam Enrolments

You can check your valid exam enrolments and update them in Enrolments under Exams in NettiOpsu.

You can cancel a valid exam enrolment: select the enrolment you wish to cancel from the list and press Cancel. It is only possible to cancel exam enrolments during the enrolment period of the exam, i.e. any cancellations must be made at least 7 days before the exam!

Exam Results

Exam results appear on the front page of NettiOpsu, and they are naturally visible in section Academic Transcript as well.