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Taking Exams at the Faculty of Communication Sciences

In the Faculty of Communication Sciences, book exams listed in the Curriculum, and maturity exams can be taken on general examination days. Some of the exams are also available in the electronic exam service. Teachers are responsible for organizing the mid-term or final exams of their course units.

General examination days are listed in the curriculum.

If you require special arrangements for the exam (access to a computer, for example), you must mention this in connection to the enrolment and present a proposal on the possible special arrangement to the instructor of the course.

MDP in Internet and Game Studies

Book exams and maturity tests are taken as electronic exams. You can find information on the books to be examined and teachers responsible for individual course units on the course pages (links are available in the curricula guide for courses which have home pages).

Other Degree Programmes

The English degree programme has exam information available in English.

Exam information for other degree programmes is available in the Finnish Study Guide either in Finnish or the language taught in the degree programme.