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Granting of Credits in Doctoral studies

This page describes how the various faculties and doctoral programmes grant credits during doctoral studies that support the research efforts. Depending on the doctoral programme, you must complete 30–60 credits worth of these studies, in addition to the doctoral dissertation. More detailed information on the studies encompassed by your degree can be found in the doctoral programme’s curriculum.

Faculty of Communcation Sciences

As long as this is done in accordance with the goals of the postgraduate degree, doctoral programme students can construct their degree studies from courses offered on an international or national level, or at the University of Tampere. The studies can also be supplemented with articles and other publications, conference presentations and other scientific activities, as agreed upon in the study and supervision plan. 

Study credits are granted as follows:

Faculty of Education

An entry must be added to the study register for all completed studies to be included in the doctoral degree.

Register entries for all courses and seminars completed at the University of Tampere are made without separate request (e.g. Doctoral School and EDU courses).

Information on studies completed in other ways (any possible articles, essays and teaching activities) and at other universities (official extract from the study register required) must be provided to your responsible supervisor, who will then issue the appropriate credits for your studies and deliver the information to Study Secretary Seija Söderkultalahti for entry into the study register.

  • Conference presentations 3–5 credits
  • Article not included in an article-based dissertation 5–10 credits
  • University-level teaching and planning tasks 3–5 credits

You can view your study attainment, as recorded in the study register, via the NettiOpsu service. A basic user account is required for NettiOpsu.

For an official transcript of study records, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Name Task E-mail Room Phone
Söderkultalahti Seija Study Secretary VIRTA 244 050 343 5742

Faculty of Management

An entry must be added to the study register for all completed studies to be included in the doctoral degree. The studies consist of orientation courses for research as well as theory of science and methodology courses, the postgraduate seminar and content studies.

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

The studies to be included in the doctoral degree are approved by the dissertation supervisor/supervisors.

Examples of recommended scopes for individual study attainments:

National or international scientific meetings

  • 1-day meeting, with a poster presentation   1 ECTS
  • 1-day meeting, with an oral presentation   2 ECTS
  • 2–3-day meeting  1 ECTS
  • 4–5-day meeting  2 ECTS

Specialist Degree in Medicine

  • a maximum of 8 ECTS of itemised courses included in a specialist degree in medicine may be accepted for inclusion in a dissertation in the clinical field in question

Postgraduate seminars / scientific seminars

  • participation in a seminar (10 hours / 1 ECTS)
  • seminar presentation (1 presentation / 1 ECTS)

Authoring a scientific publication

  • Scientific article not included in the dissertation 2–4 ECTS
  • Bibliography, examinations and essays specific to the discipline and field of research according to their scope.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The studies consist of the methodological basics of research, advanced studies in the relevant major subject and field of research, as well as other agreed-upon studies. Intermediate studies in the major subject, other intermediate studies, a minor subject thesis and other advanced studies in the minor subject, as well as studies that support the research and exceed the minimum scope of the master’s degree, studies completed in doctoral schools and abroad, articles and other publications, presentations at conferences and other scientific activities can also be incorporated into the studies.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences adheres to the  principles of the former School of Information Sciences with regard to granting credits.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Doctoral studies must be planned in such a way that the studies to be completed serve the dissertation in the best possible way and provide the postgraduate student with a diverse range of research skills. The studies must include a sufficient amount of studies on methods and specific scientific fields. In addition to courses provided by the faculty and the UTA Doctoral School, postgraduate students may select postgraduate-level courses provided by other faculties of the University or other Finnish and/or foreign universities, if they are compliant with the curriculum, or other studies agreed upon with the supervisor.

All courses completed at the University of Tampere are automatically recorded in the electronic study register. Studies completed elsewhere, participation in conferences and other such activities are approved by a supervisor in charge employed by the faculty. A list of approved studies completed outside the University of Tampere, which is signed by this supervisor, must be delivered to the Head of Study Affairs as an attachment to the certificate application, at the latest.

We recommend ensuring that the studies and module grades included in the doctoral degree are in order when the dissertation is submitted for pre-examination, at the latest. If necessary, any missing studies may be completed during the pre-examination process.