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Responsible Teachers in the Faculty of Education

Responsible teachers in the Faculty of Education:

• Study modules included in the curriculum are under the name of the responsible teacher in the study register.

• If the curriculum has changed, the responsible teacher resolves any possible ambiguities to ensure the completion of any incomplete study modules.

• The responsible teacher makes the decision regarding credit transfer through substitution, which is possible for compulsory studies of the degree programme in education.

• The responsible teacher develops and coordinates the curriculum of the module for which he/she is responsible as part of the degree programme in education.

Master’s Degree Programme in Teacher Education

  • Professor Eero Ropo

Master’s Degree Programme in Media Education

  • University Lecturer Reijo Kupiainen

Multicultural Study Programme in Education

  • University Lecturer Inkeri Rissanen

Basic Studies in Education University

  • University Lecturer Sirpa Mäkinen

Intermediate Studies in Education 

  • University Lecturer Vesa Korhonen

Advanced Studies in Education

  • Associate Professor Jaakko Kauko