Summer Studies

This page is for everyone who pursue studies at the University of Tampere.

In the summer, course units can be completed as general examinations by electronic exams or some faculties may organise set examination days for pen-and-paper exams. You can also contact the teacher for a personal agreement to complete a course unit not organised during summer as an electronic or on a set date.

In addition, Tampere Summer School will be organised 6 – 17 August 2018. The course offering consists of two-week courses covering various academic fields with a multidisciplinary approach. UTA degree students can attend the courses free of charge.

Those eligible for the Finnish student financial aid (opintotuki), can apply for the aid for studying in the summer, too.

Electronic Exams in the Summer

Most summer time exams are carried out as electronic exams (please see the Electronic Exam Service for further information). You can make an exam reservation at a time that suits you and complete the exam in a room designed for taking electronic exams.

Many of the course units listed on the page Available exams are likely to be available as electronic exams during the summer, too. If the course unit you are looking for is not listed on the page, please contact the faculty responsible for the unit.

Traditional Pen and Paper Examinations Organised by the Faculties in the Summer

Not all exams are suitable for taking through the Electronic Exam Service. If they choose to, the faculties can also organise traditional pen and paper exams in the summer. Information on these exams is available in NettiOpsu (you can  access it via Student's Desktop) or on the faculty website.

A Checklist for Studying in the Summer

  1. Cancelling an electronic exam. If you know you will not be attending an electronic exam you have already reserved, please cancel your exam reservation as soon as possible so that the exam time becomes available for other students. Reservations for electronic exams can be cancelled in the Electronic Exam Service prior to the time of the exam.
  2. The end of August is very busy in the Electronic Exam Service. It is worth noting that the last weeks of August are very busy in the Electronic Exam Service. Therefore it makes sense to complete exams earlier rather than later during the summer months, since it may be next to impossible to make a reservation in the last weeks of the summer.
  3. Exam results. During the summer, getting your exam results may take longer than usual. It is also worth noting that even though you will receive the results of an electronic exam via email, the credits may not necessarily show in Student's Desktop right away, since the result must be entered onto your record separately in the faculty responsible for the unit.

Personal Agreements for Studies in the Summer

It is possible to take exams outside the summer exam lists through a special agreement with the teacher. In addition to exams on set books some teachers also accept essays during the summer. If you wish to complete course units outside the summer exam lists, you should contact the teacher responsible for the unit well in advance in order to agree on essays or other methods of independent study.

Faculty of Communication Sciences

Faculty of Education


Basic Studies in Education

Kasvatustieteiden perusopintoihin kuuluvien kirjapakettien (=osasuoritus) suorittaminen on mahdollista kesällä 17.8.2018 saakka. Katso eri jaksojen kirjapakettien sisällöt perusopintojen yhteiseltä Moodlealueelta (yleisten ohjeiden kohta 3. Kirjallisuuden suorittaminen KASP1-KASP4-jaksoilla). Kirjautumisohje perusopintojen yhteiselle Moodle-alueelle on opetusohjelmassa.

Opetusohjelmasta näet tarvittaessa kirjatenttien vastaanottajat kesäaikana.

KASP1 Kasvatuksen historialliset ja filosofiset lähtökohdat

KASP2 Kasvatus, koulutus ja yhteiskunta

KASP3 Kehitys, kasvatus ja elämänkulku

KASP4 Opetus, ohjaus, oppiminen


Intermediate Studies in Education

Advanced studies in Education

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Information about Summer School in Sichuan University  (UIP 2018 in the College of Software Engineering) will be available soon. This Summer School is on July 2018.

Degree Programme in Computer Sciences

TIEH0 Internship 1-10 op

  • Only degree programme students in computer sciences (incl. SDE, HTI, CBDA)
  • See instructions on coursepage

TIETA8 Software Engineering 5 op

TIEVA36 Priciples of Usability, User Experience and User Interfaces 5 op

  • For students in Master's degree programmes and excange students
  • See instructions on coursepage

Advanced studies in computer sciences

TIETS19 Software Project Management  -  Theory, 3 op

TIETS36 Reseach project/Tutkimusprojekti 0–10 ECTS

  • For advanced master's degree students, short description on curricula guide
  • Responsible teacher can be for example thesis supervisor or responsible professor of your degree programme

Faculty of Social Sciences

Language Centre