Exchange Destinations in North America



You can apply for exchange at North American universities and colleges via the bilateral agreements of the UTA. You can also apply for exchange via the ISEP exchange programme, the north2north programme, and the BCI programme. In addition, some faculties have bilateral exchange partners in North America. Please, see the Finnish version of the site for full details.

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Bilateral Partner Universities of UTA


Carleton University, Ottawa
York University, Toronto

United States of America

University of Oregon, Eugene
University of Texas at Austin, Austin

Contact person: Igor Tanskanen

BCI Programme

BCI is an organisation that represents the universities in the Canadian French-speaking province of Québec. The BCI exchange period usually lasts one or two semesters.

Applicants for BCI exchange are required to have a good level of proficiency in the language of instruction, which must be demonstrated in the application process.

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Contact person: Leena Uski


ISEP exchange is available to degree students who have studied at the UTA for a minimum of one academic year. During your exchange period, you can study any discipline with the exception of clinical medicine. In addition to the United States, you can apply for exchange also in Canada via the ISEP programme.

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Contact person: Igor Tanskanen


The north2north programme supports student mobility in North America, Russia and the Nordic countries. The destinations available for application are confirmed annually in spring. The north2north programme provides students with the opportunity to study at other member universities in the Arctic region in order to gain first-hand knowledge of the various parts of the Nordic regions and share their experiences with other students.

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Contact person: Igor Tanskanen

Bilateral Partner Universities of Faculties

Faculty of Management

Degree Programme in Business Studies

United States of America
University of Nebraska at Kearney,  College of Business and Technology

Bachelor level students of Business and Administrative Studies can apply for exchange through the Faculty of Management’s own bilateral agreement.

Contact person: Coordinator of International Education Terhi Nieminen.

Bilateral Partner Universities in Social Sciences

Politics students can apply for exchange via the following bilateral agreements. These exchanges are managed by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

University of Victoria, Victoria

United States of America
North Park University, Chicago

Contact person: Study Coordinator Anna Wansén-Kaseva

Faculty of Social Sciences


University of Victoria, British Columbia

Students of social sciences can apply for exchange at Victoria for an academic year or semester. You can select courses from three faculties: Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Humanities. In addition to this, a limited number of courses is available in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

University of Victoria

Contact person: Anna Wansén-Kaseva

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Master's level students of Social Work can apply for exchange to the University of Manitoba. Further information on this exchange destination is also available from University Lecturer Anna Metteri.

University of Manitoba

Contact person: Anna Wansén-Kaseva

United States of America

North Park University, Chicago

Students of social sciences can apply for exchange at North Park University (NPU). Courses can be selected from different faculties. All exchange students must also complete the ESL (English as a Second Language) test after arrival at North Park.

North Park University

Contact person: Anna Wansén-Kaseva