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Developing Language Skills

Tampere University students can expand their prior language proficiency or even learn new languages through persistent study. Even though English is the most common language in international interaction, knowing other languages is a considerable benefit. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to include languages in your elective studies.

When making preparations for studies abroad, it is crucial to work on your language proficiency. By expanding your language proficiency well in advance, you can also open up exchange opportunities in new language areas.

For more information on the mandatory and optional language studies included in your degree, please read the Language Centre web pages and your faculty’s curriculum guide.

Ways to develop and maintain your language proficiency

  • Take advantage of the offerings of the Language Centre and Faculty of Communication Sciences.
  • Tutor a foreign student: Getting to know foreign exchange and degree students studying at Tampere University is a rewarding experience that also develops your language skills.
  • Take part in the local activities of international student organisations, such as ESN FINT.
  • Take Summer University of Tampere courses that provide you with language coaching for your studies abroad.

Materials for the self-study of languages

  • The Language Centre’s Self-access Centre
  • EUROMOBIL is a downloadable language learning programme that supports student mobility. The selection includes basic-level materials in Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Czech and Hungarian, and advanced-level training in English, French and German.