Changing the major of your doctoral degree

If you are considering changing the major or field of your doctoral degree within your faculty, please contact the person responsible for doctoral studies at the faculty. To apply for a change in your major or field of study, you must submit a free-form application. A list of contact persons is provided below.

If your planned major or field and the doctoral programme are under another faculty, you must apply for the right to study through the normal application procedure.

Faculty of Management

Name Task E-mail Room Phone
Saastamoinen Sari Head of Administration PINNI A2036 040 190 1479

Faculty of Education

Name Task E-mail Room Phone
Raudasoja Sari Study Coordinator

Faculty of Education: matters concerning Licentiate's and Doctoral degrees as the following:
- presenting official of the Faculty Council
- secretary of the postgraduate committee
- study counselling VIRTA 248 050 318 6666

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Name Task E-mail Room Phone
Koskinen Taru Head of Study Affairs
Faculty of Natural Sciences

- Study affairs administration PINNI B1051 040 190 1219

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

Name Task E-mail Room Phone
Viilo Marjatta Head of Educational Affairs
(on job alternation leave starting from 1st of Jan, 2018)

Study affairs administration
Doctoral Programme in Medicine and Life Sciences ARVO E160 050 365 7133
Orhanen Sari Head of Educational Affairs
(acts as a deputy to Marjatta Viilo starting from 1st of Jan, 2018)

Postgraduate medical education ARVO E160 050 437 2657

Faculty of Communication Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

Name Task E-mail Room Phone
Nikkari Leena Head of Study Affairs LINNA 6055 040 190 9844