How to Apply

The student exchange application process has two phases. First, the students are selected and nominated by UTA. Second, the students apply to the host universities. The final decision on the approval is always made by the host university.

Please read the information on the application process carefully.

Application instructions

In addition to the application instructions, check the Mobility-Online portal and the Study Guide for more information on the host universities and read the selection criteria for student mobility!

Begin the application by browsing the Mobility-Online portal to see which destinations are open for applications. Select a degree programme from "Study field" and the right "Academic year". The search results show all those host universities where you can apply via the chosen degree programme.

"Display details" shows additional information concerning the host university, the language requirements, study options, etc. Here is a picture of the info icon:

You can access the application form via HAKA login. Fill in the application form. Your personal information comes to the application form automatically from the UTA student register. If you need to update your information, for example your address, make the necessary changes in NettiOpsu and notify the Centre for International Education: This information will not be updated to the application form automatically.

You can apply for up to three destinations. One destination means one university or network (BCI, ISEP, north2north, Nordplus and Nordlys).

PLEASE NOTE! You are able to fill in one application form per application period! You can only apply for the exchange destinations that are in Mobility-Online portal open for the academic year 2018/2019.

After you have filled in the application form, you will receive a link to your email address. Log in to Mobility-Online and fill in the necessary information. In case you do not receive the e-mail message concerning registration, please check your spam filter.

Your Mobility-Online account has "Necessary steps" which you need to complete before the application is complete:

Prepare the necessary enclosures and upload them to your Mobility-Online account. You will need:

  • a motivation letter and preliminary study plan (pdf)
  • transcript of records (pdf, the unofficial transcript from NettiOpsu is ok)
  • passport size photo (jpg)

Write a separate motivation letter and preliminary study plan for each host university. If you are sending your application to a network, write a motivation letter separately for each university you are applying to. 

The motivation letter and study plan must be written in the language in which the studies will be organised in the country of destination. Among other things, list the following in your motivation letter.

  • How the exchange period will benefit your studies at the University of Tampere.
  • How the exchange will benefit your career plans.
  • Why you are applying to the destination in question at this specific phase of your studies.
  • Mention any factors that you think support your admission, including prior work experience, any possible volunteer work and positions of trust.

If you are studying in a separate two-year Master’s programme, also following attachments must be submitted:

  • A recommendation letter from the supervisor of your Master's thesis.
  • Copies of the degree certificates or transcripts of records from your previous studies.

The enclosures must be uploaded to Mobility-Online during the application period. Without the enclosures your application is incomplete and it will not be processed. After you have uploaded all necessary enclosures, you will be on this step:

You can now log out from the account. Your application is now finished and it will move on to the University of Tampere for processing.

Applicants are notified of selections by e-mail. In case you do not receive the e-mail message concerning selections, please check your spam filter.

The application form is available during the application rounds.

Application rounds and info events

There are two primary application rounds for student exchange and Erasmus work placement grants each academic year. In addition, there are two application rounds for remaining exchange places.

Application rounds for 2018–2019 exchanges

  • Application round I: 10–31 October 2017
  • Application round II: 9–30 January 2018
  • Additional application round I: 13–27 March 2018 NB! Due to technical difficulties the additional application round will start on Wed 14 March. The application form and the list of exchange destinations will be published on Wednesday as well.
  • Additional application round II (for spring 2019): 11–20 September 2018

The application rounds for Erasmus Work Placement grants are usually the same as the exchange application rounds. For more information, please see Erasmus Work Placement.

Info events in the 2017–2018 academic year (in Finnish)

  • September: Centre for International Education’s exchange stand on 5 September
  • October:
    Exchange info 10 October 2 pm–5 pm (main building, lecture room C6)
    Erasmus Work Placement info (presentation pdf) on 9 October 10 am–12 noon (Linna K103)
  • December: Exchange info for first-year students 1 December 10 am–12 noon (Main building, lecture hall A1)
  • January:
    Erasmus exchange info on 9 January 2 pm–4 pm (Main building, lecture hall A1)
    Exchange info (other exchange destinations) 10 January 12 noon–4:30 pm (Linna building lecture hall K103)
  • March: Centre for International Education stand 14 March 11 am–3 pm; Main building, Alakuppila café lobby