How to apply

The student exchange application process involves two phases. First, the university body responsible for each respective exchange programme selects the students. Then, the students apply to the target universities. The final decision on the approval or rejection of a student’s application is always made by the target university. The exchange agreements are usually based on reciprocity, meaning that to be able to send exchange students abroad, the University of Tampere must accept exchange students from the partner university.

More information on the application phases is provided below.

Application instructions

In addition to the application instructions, read the selection criteria and general rules for student mobility!

Preliminary information until the beginning of the application period:

Exchange applications are submitted through the Student’s Desktop on NettiOpsu.

You can apply for up to five locations. One location means one university or network. The networks are BCI, ISEP, FIRST+, north2north, Nordplus and Nordlys. Write a separate motivation letter and preliminary study plan for each location. If you are sending your application to a network, write a motivation letter separately for each university at which you would like to study. 

The motivation letter and study plan must be written in the language in which the studies will be organised in the country of destination. Among other things, list the following in your motivation letter.

  • How the exchange period will benefit your studies at the University of Tampere.
  • How the exchange will benefit your career plans.
  • Why you are applying to the location in question at this specific phase of your studies.
  • Mention any factors that you think support your admission, including prior work experience, any possible volunteer work and positions of trust.

In the following cases, separate attachments must be submitted in addition to the electronic application:

  • If you are studying in a separate two-year master’s programme, you will require a statement of recommendation from the supervisor of your advanced studies thesis.
  • If you would like the selection process to consider any studies you have completed outside the University of Tampere, you will need to submit copies of the degree certificates or transcripts of the study attainments.

The attachments must be provided by the end of the application period as follows:

  • Attachments for the faculty’s field-specific exchange locations to the faculty’s mobility coordinator
  • Attachments for other locations to the office of the Centre for International Education

Contact information for attachments

Applicants are notified of selection decision by e-mail and through the Student’s Desktop on NettiOpsu, where the offered exchange positions must also be accepted.

Application periods and info events

Two primary application rounds are held annually for exchange positions and Erasmus internship grants (Application I and Application II). The main application rounds for student exchange are divided according to continent. The supplementary application rounds are for applying for cancelled and unfilled positions as well as positions or Erasmus internship grants that have not been distributed in the previous round.

Application periods for exchange during the 2018–2019 academic year:

  • Application period I: 10–31 October 2017
  • Application period II: 9–30 January 2018
  • Supplementary application period I: 13–27 March 2018
  • Supplementary application period II: 11–20 September 2018

The application periods for Erasmus Work Placement grants for the 2017–2018 academic year are usually the same, with the exception that there is no application round in September. More information on Erasmus work placements and application instructions can be found in the Study Guide section During studies > Internship > Complete an internship abroad.

Info events for the 2017–2018 academic year

  • September: Centre for International Education’s exchange stand at the university opening on 5 September
  • October:
    Exchange info 10 October 2 pm–5 pm (main building, lecture room C6)
    Erasmus Work Placement info on 9 October 10 am–12 noon (Linna K103)
  • December: Exchange info for first-year students 1 December 10 am–12 noon (main building, lecture hall A1)
  • January:
    Erasmus exchange info on 9 January 2 pm–4 pm (location TBA)
    Exchange info 10 January 12 noon–4:30 pm (location TBA)
  • March: Centre for International Education stand 13 March 11 am–3 pm; main building, Alakuppila café lobby

Application system MobilityOnline

The University of Tampere is implementing a new application system in October 2017. Information will be posted on these pages in the autumn, and students will also be informed through the Student’s Desktop.