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, , 01.03.2017 – 01.06.2017

Maa: Alankomaat
Vaihtoaika: 01.03.2017 – 01.06.2017
Vaihto-ohjelma: Erasmus-harjoittelu
Lähettävä yksikkö: Luonnontieteiden tiedekunta

I searched online for the work placement and I found couple of them in a website called I applied for couple of them and finally I got accepted to one of them. I contact the employee via email and we planned a Skype interview. After the Skype interview I got accepted to an internship in the Netherlands. I want to remind people to do one important thing that I missed doing it. Please check the company you are accepted in very carefully. Check their website, talk with their employers in the interview before doing your internship.

After I got accepted to the internship I went to the Netherlands and I met my employer there I asked him to sign the Training Agreement and he did that. Dr. Zhang was my supervisior of my school I talked with her weekly because I was doing my thesis at the same time. I did not had any problems with the employer but I can say because I did not search throughly for the company, I was expecting something else and the job was something else.

With my employer we talked daily or every 2 days and look for the progress in the application me and my colleague were developing. Finding a new apartment in the netherlands was the biggest challenge for me because the population there is huge and demand for the apartments are high. I couldn't find any apartment before my arrival there but when I reached there I find a place and I can say I was lucky.The cost of the living was okay for me. It was almost the same cost as Finland however the accomodation cost were high. My tips to people who want to travel to the Netherlands is to find the place before arriving there. this website is very good website for finding an aparment in Amsterdam. 

Me and my colleague we worked on a new Android application. We made it from scratch and at the same time the company which is a startup found a new partner we worked together to develop this applciation daily. We worked 7:30 hours every day. We had also another colleague working with us for the design of the application. The company was a very small one but they were very friendly and we worked together. Because the application we were working on was promoting democracy in the world, the company decided to work democraticly also.

We made the flow of the application and then we desined it screen by screen. In the begining it was difficult because we decided to work with a new programming language (react-native) but after a while the pace of the project went faster. The job was unpaid. Definately my time abroad helped me to learn English better because I talked everyday with my colleagues. We had people from a lot of cultures in the company, Italian, Israeli, French, Russian. There were a lot of things to learn from my colleagues and I was happy to learn so much from other cultures. Every culture is beautiful in my opinion and I learned those beautiful cultures/people. 

At the end of my internship the company decided to have a 'fun day'. We all went out for a day and just enjoyed the sun and lakes of Amsterdam. All of the cost of this trip was for the company. The weather of Amsterdam is good. However, people need to be prepared because everytime it might rain. There are so many foods to try in Amsterdam.

I want to thank Erasmus and UTA for providing me another opportunity of internship. I will include this internship in my degree also and I get another 10 credits on top of my degree. Everything was unproblematic. Thanks again Erasmus and UTA.