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Faculties of Natural and Communication SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculties of Natural and Communication Sciences

The nine schools of the University of Tampere will become six faculties from the start of 2017.

The degree programmes of the School of Information Sciences will be transferring to two new faculties:

Faculty of Communication Sciences

  • MDP (Master's Degree Programme) in Human-Technology Interaction
  • MDP in Internet and Game Studies
  • Degree programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • MDP in Computational Big Data Analytics
  • MDP in Software Development
  • Degree programme in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Degree programme in Computer Sciences (excluding MDP in Human-Technology Interaction)

The study-related instructions and curricula of the School of Information Sciences will continue to be used in connection with these degree programmes.


Admission of exchange and visiting students

What to study

Exchange and visiting students can apply to take studies in any of the following degree programmes:

  • Degree programme in Computer Sciences
  • Degree programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media
  • Degree programme in Mathematics and Statistics (courses in English are mainly in Statistics)

It is also possible to apply to take exchange studies in our Master's degree programmes given in English:

  • Master's Degree Programme in Computational Big Data Analytics
  • Master's Degree Programme in Human-Technology Interaction
  • Master's Degree Programme in Internet and Game Studies
  • Master's Degree Programme in Software Development

Please note that your educational background must match the programme you apply for, i.e. if you apply for example to Information Studies and Interactive Media you must have taken studies in this subject in your home university. NB: this subject is in library studies, not in computer sciences!

When to come?

Many exchange students are keen to experience winter sports while in Tampere. Please note that this is possible from December-January, as it is only then that Tampere gets a permanent snow cover. So if you are coming only for one term, do choose the spring term running from January to May! It is also easier to get student accomodation from January to May.

The UTA academic calendar gives the dates when the terms start.

Please note that taught courses are given from the beginning of September to mid-December (autumn term) and from the second week of January to mid-May. Before each term there is a one-week Orientation course which is free of charge and compulsory.

Studies available to exchange students

Please note that the teaching offered by SIS is mainly in Finnish. Only a few Bachelor level course units are offered in English. We therefore recommend that arriving Bachelor students are in their third or fourth year so that can take our Master level courses in addition to the Bachelor level courses.

However, at the moment four Master's degree programmes in Computer Science, Interactive Technology, Information Studies and Interactive Media and Statistics are given in English. Their teaching is open to exchange students if the course unit prerequisites are met.

Some courses offered under the Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) programme are given by the Tampere University of Technology (TUT). Exchange students at UTA cannot take courses at TUT; the only exception are exchange students from Eindhoven who will be given study rights also for HTI teaching at TUT.

Please note that we cannot and do not have all the courses in English that your home university has and maybe requires you to take during the exchange.

Exchange and visiting students get a letter of acceptance from their host school, but they may take course units also in other UTA schools provided that any course-specific prerequisites are met. We recommend, for example, YKYYKV1 Finnish Society and Culture 1–5 ECTS, from the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Language Center offers course units in the Finnish language on beginner's level. Other language course units are available to exchange students only if there is room. Regarding Finnish language courses, exchange students should take Survival Finnish and Follow-up Finnish.

UTA teaching programmes are published in May for the coming academic year.

Application process

Nomination of students

All exchange students must be nominated by their home university by the application deadline. Please make the nomination to the person named below. Please give the student's name, sex, level of studies (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral), year of studies, and of course the term for the intended studies here. We need to have the nominations for the autumn term by 30 April and spring term by 15 October.

How to apply

All persons wishing to study as exchange or visiting students at UTA must make an online application and send the requested enclosures by post to UTA so that they arrive by the application deadline.

There are two deadlines:

30 April for those arriving for the autumn term or the whole academic year

15 October for spring semester arrivals

Most accepted students are exchange students from partner universities. Only a limited number of visiting students are accepted.

The application form is online. Please make sure with the coordinator of your home university that you choose the right degree programme. Erasmus agreements are signed between academic fields/major subjects, and students may be accepted only by the degree programme that has made the agreement.

Despite this, during the studies it is possible to take course units in other degree programmes and schools as well if course unit prerequisites are met.

For more information on eligibility criteria and the online application form please see the UTA website for International Exchange and Visiting Students.


Please note that although the applying is done online, you still must send the required enclosures by postal mail within the deadline given. All Erasmus and Sichuan/SKKU enclosures are to be sent to the contact person named below.

Please send all enclosures by postal mail or courier. It is not possible to send enclosures by email or fax.

Erasmus students can send a Learning Agreement with their application or later. For autumn term teaching, the teaching timetable will be available around mid-May. You may send in your application with a preliminary Learning Agreement if the application deadline is near.

Applicants from Sichuan must enclose a photocopy of their CET-6 certificate or their IELTS/PTE/TOEFL score.

Processing of applications at SIS

The application form and the enclosures are first checked in the Office of the School of Information Sciences and then sent for academic assessment to the SIS degree programme in question.

If the degree programme supports the application, the Office asks the Dean to accept the new exchange student.

Official letter of acceptance is sent by the School Office.


Student accomodation is organised by a foundation called TOAS independently of the university, and furnished accomodation for international students is rented out in fixed-term rental agreements from 1 August to 31 December and from 1 January to 31 May regardless of the student's actual stay.

It is possible to extend the TOAS agreement. Please contact TOAS directly on this.

Visiting reseachers

Visiting researchers may be given the status of a visiting student if they have a student status (Bachelor, Master or post-Master level) in their home university. Application times given above apply.

Only persons with student status at UTA may take exams at UTA.

Contact info

The School of Information Sciences contact person for admissions is Ms. Kirsi Tuominen.

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