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Faculties of Natural and Communication SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculties of Natural and Communication Sciences

The nine schools of the University of Tampere will become six faculties from the start of 2017.

The degree programmes of the School of Information Sciences will be transferring to two new faculties:

Faculty of Communication Sciences

  • MDP (Master's Degree Programme) in Human-Technology Interaction
  • MDP in Internet and Game Studies
  • Degree programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • MDP in Computational Big Data Analytics
  • MDP in Software Development
  • Degree programme in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Degree programme in Computer Sciences (excluding MDP in Human-Technology Interaction)

The study-related instructions and curricula of the School of Information Sciences will continue to be used in connection with these degree programmes.


New students

Please find below information on

Timetables of student selections

It normally takes 4-5 weeks after the application deadline and arrival of application enclosures to finalise the selections of exchange/visiting students.

Regarding Master's degree programme selections, the results of the 2017 selections will be published by 31 March 2017.

Tuition fees

UTA English-language Master programmes starting in autumn 2017 will charge tuition fees from non-EU/EEA degree. There will be a grant system for fee-paying students.

Exchange or visiting students or doctoral students are not charged any tuition fees.

Degree students on Bachelor and Master level must pay the local student union (Tamy) membership fee. The fee is about 116 euro per academic year (half of this for exchange students coming for one semester). For Doctoral students the Tamy membership is optional.

Orientation Week and guidance

The University organises free of charge an Orientation Week for all international students in late August and early January. The Orientation Week is compulsory for new degree students and exchange students. Information is given on study practisies, available course units and other things important for the successful start of the studies. During the Orientation Week you also get a chance to meet fellow students and teaching staff. On this and other practical things, please see the UTA page.

In the the School/Faculty Office Ms. Kirsi Tuominen gives advice on general matters, especially on admissions, and general and language studies.

Exchange/visiting students get help in planning their studies from Ms. Kirsi Tuominen. She also signs the Erasmus Learning Agreement.

New Master degree students have their own programme study advisor for help in academic choices.

Both degree and exchange/visiting students, will get a student tutor from a student organisation to help them get started.

Student housing

Student housing in Tampere is available to degree students and to exchange/visiting students, organised by a separate organ independent of the university, TOAS

TOAS rents out furnished accomodation for international students in fixed-term rental agreements from 1 August to 31 December and from 1 January to 31 May regardless of the student's actual stay. These rooms are furnished.

Please note that you may make an application for student accomodation only after you have been accepted as a student at UTA.

The application for accomodation should be made as soon as you have been accepted. Please note that TOAS will require a deposit of c. 370 euros.

If you are an exchange student staying longer than one academic year, it is possible to extend the lease of your furnished TOAS room. TOAS expects that you pay the rent also for the summer months. On the other hand, there is no need to pay the deposit a second time. Please contact TOAS directly. It is not possible to end the TOAS lease for the summer and then get a new TOAS room in autumn.

For more information, please see the UTA page on accomodation.

Residence permit

New Master and Doctoral students or exchange/visiting students from EU/EEA countries do not need a residence permit in Finland. New students from non-EU/EEA countries need a residence permit.

UTA will send the names of the new degree and exchange/visiting students needing a residence permit to the Finnish Immigration Service. 

When applying for a residence permit, among the application documents a financial statement showing a scholarship or c. 6 800 euros is needed.

For more information on residence permits, please see the UTA page. There you will find a link to the Finnish Immigration Service page with residence permit application form and information, but please note that you should check also the website of the local embassy of Finland for any country-specific information regarding the applying of residence permit. For example, most embassies want to see your original educational documents when you come to your residence permit interview. Some embassies may require an international language test score.

The Finnish Immigration Service has introduced e-services in residence permit matters. A visit to the embassy is required nevertheless, as all new permits have biometric identifiers. This means that you must give fingerprints of all your fingers when you apply for a permit. 

Renewing the residence permit

A residence permit is valid for one year only. The permit must then be renewed. From 1 January 2017 the extension applications will be handled by Finnish Immigration Service. One of their locations is in Tampere (Itsenäisyydenkatu). See Migri website for more details.

Please note that it is not possible to renew the permit abroad in a Finnish embassy. Embassies issue only first residence permits.

The Finnish Immigration Service has introduced e-services in residence permit matters, and both a new residence permit and an extension should be applied using e-services. A visit in person is required too.

The following documents are needed when renewing the permit:

  • filled OLE_OPI form (see Finnish Immigration Service)
  • official UTA certificate of attendance for the following academic year (from the Registrar's Office). Please note that UTA registration for the following academic year is possible only from 1 June (old students) or from the beginning of August (new students). If you must submit your permit extension application before this, please use the certificate of attendance indicating your programme study time (from the Registrar's Office)
  • official UTA study transcript (from the Registrar's Office)
  • scholarship letter or a bank statement, showing 6720 euros
  • valid health insurance policy (see below). There is also an insurance policy in which UTA is involved. Please use either this or renew your old policy, as this will speeden up the processing of the extension application.
  • two passport photos taken as the police requires
  • passport

Please note that your studies must be proceeding well before any renewal.

It may take quite a long while, several weeks or even months, to get the residence permit renewed.

Students travelling abroad for the summer should submit their extension application well before they leave Finland so that they can get the permit extension before leaving. It is also possible to submit the extension application after you return to Tampere in August, but please make sure that your old residence permit is valid when you return.

Renewing the permit if you have been an exchange student at UTA

Please note that exchange students currently studying at UTA who have been admitted as degree students should apply for an extension to the residence permit only after they have received the new, final letter of acceptance for taking degree studies.

If you have been accepted conditionally, you must first finish the Bachelor's degree and then send an officially attested copy and official translation of the Bachelor's degree diplomas to UTA after which the final letter of acceptance will be issued to you. It is only after this that Migri will process the application to extend the residence permit. You can also renew the permit when you have returned to Tampere, but please make sure that your old residence permit is valid when you return.

Health insurance

Non-EU and non/EEA citizens need a residence permit. When applying for the residence permit, you must present evidence of health insurance. UTA recommends the Marsh/SIP insurance policy.

Citizens of the EU/EEA countries are entitled to the same health care services in Finland as Finns, but health insurance is recommended to EU/EEA citizens too.

See the UTA page on health care.

Finnish personal identity code, notification of move and local registration

All new exchange and degree students will need a personal identity code for UTA student register. 

All new students moving to Tampere must submit a Notification of Move to the local authorities. The notification must be made within one week of arrival, at departure and every time when moving in Finland.

New degree students staying in Tampere for more than a year are requested to register locally.

For all these please see the details on the UTA page for new students.

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